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Welcome to Altitude Cannabis Club, your trusted dispensary and cannabis delivery service in Brooklyn, NY. We have been proudly serving our community for over a decade, making us a sought-after choice for both recreational and medical cannabis needs. Here’s why our clients prefer us:

  • Decade of Experience: With over ten years in the cannabis industry, we’ve established a trustworthy reputation and have built strong relationships with top cannabis brands.
  • Online Orders: In a rush or prefer shopping from home? We offer online pick-up orders for your convenience.
  • Delivery Service: No time to drop by our store? Don’t worry! We provide cannabis delivery to the entire NYC area.
  • Recreational Dispensary: We are a legal, recreational dispensary inviting all adults to explore our vast variety of cannabis products.
  • Modern Storefront: Our clean, modern store located in Brooklyn, NY offers a welcoming environment for all our customers.
  • Broad Product Range: We offer 50+ cannabis brands in store, including Stone Road, Uncle Paulie’s, Dandy Lion, Hempz, Punch Bar, and Altitude Cannabis Club.
  • Xhale Lounge: Experience the comfort of our cannabis lounge area, Xhale, where you can relax and enjoy your purchases.
  • Discounts and Deals: Enjoy more savings with our weekly discounts and deals on various products.

Experience the Altitude Cannabis Club difference today! Browse our products online or visit us in store to begin your elevated journey.

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Our Dispensary Comes With Many Perks

Find What Separates Us From The Pack. 

3rd Party
Tested Products

Our products are sourced from reputable East Coast and West Coast Brands,


Enjoy the major savings with weekly deals tailored to give you more bang for your buck.


Place an order online for either delivery or pick-up. We make the process easy with hardly any wait time.

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We have our favorites but what is even better can be trying something new. See what's new in store every week.





At Altitude Cannabis Club, our commitment to offering the best extends to our rigorous brand selection process. We diligently explore and test a multitude of cannabis brands to ensure they align with our high standards for safety, potency, and quality. We only partner with brands that demonstrate a dedication to sustainable cultivation practices, innovative extraction methods, and premium product development. 

NYC Dispensary

Where Recreational Meets Community

Altitude Cannabis Club: Your Premier Recreational Dispensary in NYC

Are you searching for a recreational dispensary in NYC that’s top-tier? Look no further than Altitude Cannabis Club. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, we’re proud to serve as a beacon for both local cannabis enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

We’re not your typical “dispensary near me.” We’re a recreational dispensary offering an extensive selection of over 50 cannabis brands including Stone Road, Uncle Paulie’s, Dandy Lion, Hempz, Punch Bar, and Altitude Cannabis Club. Whether you’re seeking a calming CBD product, a high-THC strain, or a tasty edible, we’ve got you covered.

Our status as a recreational dispensary means we cater not only to medical marijuana cardholders but also to all adults over the age of 21, thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis in New York. We believe in the power of cannabis and its potential to bring relaxation, relief, and enjoyment to all who partake.

But we’re more than just a “weed store.” We’re committed to the responsible management and distribution of cannabis. As a part of the licensed dispensaries in New York, we adhere strictly to the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, and the guidelines set by the Office of Cannabis Management and Cannabis Control Board. We ensure all cannabis products sold at our dispensary are compliant with these laws, prioritizing safety, transparency, and quality.

Moreover, we offer online dispensary services and weed delivery in Brooklyn and the greater NYC area. This ensures that everyone in our community can easily access our premium cannabis products, regardless of whether they can physically visit our Brooklyn storefront.

So, if you’re asking “Is weed legal in NYC?” or looking for a “recreational dispensary near me” or “NYC weed” provider, remember that Altitude Cannabis Club is here for you. As a legal dispensary, we’re committed to serving our community in the safest, most compliant, and most inclusive way possible. Explore the heights of quality cannabis with us today!

Weed In NYC

Third Party Tested Products

Navigating Quality and Safety at Altitude Cannabis Club: Your Trusted NYC Dispensary

When it comes to buying cannabis in New York, particularly in bustling areas like Brooklyn, NY, quality and safety are paramount. This is where Altitude Cannabis Club, a leading NYC dispensary and weed delivery service, steps in. Our primary aim is to ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy in all cannabis products we offer.

As a prominent weed dispensary in NYC, we are committed to upholding stringent quality standards. We achieve this by ensuring that all our cannabis brands, including Stone Road, Uncle Paulie’s, Dandy Lion, Hempz, Punch Bar, and Altitude Cannabis Club, undergo thorough third-party testing. This guarantees that whether you’re searching for a “dispensary near me,” or “weed delivery Brooklyn,” you’re getting only the safest, most effective cannabis products on the market.

So, why is third-party testing so crucial? Third-party testing is a critical step in confirming the safety and efficacy of all medical and recreational cannabis products. It provides an unbiased analysis of the product’s cannabinoid profile, potency, and checks for the presence of any harmful substances like pesticides, heavy metals, or microbial contaminants. This process ensures that when you buy cannabis from us, whether it’s for medical or recreational use, you’re getting a product that is safe, reliable, and adheres to the Regulation and Taxation Act.

We are a proud recreational dispensary in NYC, firmly believing in the importance of accessibility. This means going beyond being a mere “weed store near me,” to become a trusted source of high-quality, safe, and potent cannabis products. By emphasizing third-party testing, we are fulfilling our commitment to our customers and the wider cannabis community.

Beyond offering cannabis products, our Brooklyn dispensary also features a cannabis lounge area known as Xhale, fostering a culture of cannabis enjoyment within a safe and welcoming environment.

Altitude Cannabis Club remains committed to setting the benchmark for quality and safety in the New York dispensary landscape. If you’re looking for an “online dispensary NY,” or a “dispensary of New York” that you can trust, we’re here for you. We ensure every product we offer aligns with our commitment to safety and efficacy, providing you with the best cannabis experience possible. After all, we’re not just a dispensary – we’re a community.

If you’re looking for “weed in Brooklyn” or seeking a “NYC Dispensary Midtown,” remember Altitude Cannabis Club – where safety, quality, and efficacy are more than just words, they’re our promise. Explore the world of third-party tested, quality assured cannabis with us today!

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