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Altitude Cannabis Club: Your Trusted Dispensary in Brooklyn

The Altitude Cannabis Club is proud to be your go-to weed store and recreational dispensary in Brooklyn, NY. We are rooted in the neighborhood of Bushwick, renowned for our decade-long experience in providing top-tier cannabis products to our valued customers. We’re not just any weed dispensary; we are a lifestyle choice, dedicated to elevating the cannabis industry and its standards.

Convenient Cannabis Delivery Service

Forget the hassle of finding a “dispensary near me” or “weed delivery NYC” – at Altitude Cannabis Club, we bring the dispensary to you! Our cannabis delivery service is reliable, efficient, and it covers the Bushwick area, along with the rest of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Whether you’re in Bushwick or nearby, we ensure your favorite cannabis products are only a click away.

  • Seamless delivery to Bushwick, Brooklyn
  • Online orders for pick-up also available
  • Minimal delivery fee for maximum convenience
  • Trusted by locals as the top “weed delivery Brooklyn” service

Wide Range of Tested and Trusted Cannabis Products

We stock a comprehensive range of over 50+ cannabis brands in our store, including Altitude Cannabis Club, Stone Road, Uncle Paulie’s, Dandy Lion, Hempz, and Punch Bar. Rest assured knowing that all our cannabis products are third-party tested for safety and efficacy. So, when you think “weed in Brooklyn” or “recreational weed,” think Altitude Cannabis Club.

  • Medical and recreational marijuana options
  • All products tested for safety and quality
  • Convenient online shopping for buying weed
  • Dedicated to promoting legalized weed in NYC

The Altitude Experience: More Than a Dispensary

Beyond being a dispensary in NYC, we offer a unique cannabis experience with our modern storefront and Xhale, our immersive cannabis lounge. Enjoy weekly discounts and deals as part of our community and even get your marijuana online with us. We’re here to change your perception of a cannabis dispensary, one delivery at a time.

  • Recreational dispensary with a clean, modern environment
  • Inclusive cannabis lounge for all customers
  • Offering the best of “weed in NYC”
  • Weekly discounts and deals for added value
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Weed Delivery NYC

Altitude Cannabis Club: Serving the Community Beyond Cannabis

At Altitude Cannabis Club, your go-to weed dispensary in Brooklyn, NY, we’re more than just a business. We’re an integral part of the community, continuously seeking ways to contribute positively and make a difference. Our commitment extends beyond providing top-tier cannabis products and excellent delivery services to the residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Charity Work and Fundraisers

We believe in the power of giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey in the cannabis industry. Through various charity initiatives and fundraisers, we aim to uplift and empower those in need within our community. Whether it’s partnering with local charities, hosting fundraisers in our cannabis lounge, or supporting housing works cannabis co, we are committed to ensuring that we make a positive impact on society. The cannabis industry is about more than just business for us; it’s about making a lasting difference in the lives of people around us.

Prioritizing Safety with In-Store Security

Our commitment to our customers extends to ensuring their safety and security while in our store. We have in-store security measures in place to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. As a licensed dispensary in NYC, we abide by all New York cannabis laws and regulations, including those around safety and security. Our security measures are meticulously designed to protect our customers and our staff while promoting an environment of respect and trust.

Adherence to New York Cannabis Laws and Regulations

At Altitude Cannabis Club, we don’t just follow the law; we respect it. We have an unwavering commitment to upholding every aspect of the regulation and taxation act as it pertains to cannabis. We firmly believe in the importance of legalized weed and work diligently to ensure we are always on the right side of the law. From how we source our products to how we manage delivery and transactions, every step is performed under the guiding principles of the New York cannabis laws and regulations. This ensures not only our survival in the industry but also the safety and trust of our customers.

By choosing Altitude Cannabis Club, you’re choosing a dispensary that cares deeply about its community, customers, and compliance. We are proud to serve and give back to the community, prioritize safety, and strictly follow the cannabis laws of New York. We’re here to provide more than just cannabis products – we’re here to make a positive impact on society. Come and be part of our journey today.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Cannabis Club: Bringing the Best of East and West Coast Cannabis Brands to Brooklyn

At Altitude Cannabis Club, we understand that the world of cannabis is vast and diverse, with quality products springing up from coast to coast. As a leading dispensary and cannabis delivery service in Brooklyn, NY, we take pride in providing the best cannabis brands from both the East and West coasts, ensuring our customers have access to the top-tier products our industry has to offer.

Showcasing Esteemed Cannabis Brands

Our selection is as diverse as it is quality-driven. We carry products from esteemed brands such as Stone Road and Uncle Paulie’s from the West Coast, known for their handcrafted, sustainably grown products. Representing the East Coast, we have Dandy Lion and Hempz, celebrated for their organic, high-potency offerings. And, of course, we carry products from our own brand, Altitude Cannabis Club, delivering the unique flavor and quality cultivated right here in NYC.

East Meets West: A Diverse Cannabis Selection

We are the crossroad where East meets West, offering our customers the chance to experience the distinct qualities of cannabis grown in different climates and soils across the country. Each brand brings a unique approach to cultivation, from the sun-kissed terrains of California to the rich, fertile soils of New York. Whether you’re in search of a mellow, laid-back strain from the West Coast or a vibrant, energizing option from the East, we’ve got you covered.

Third-Party Testing for Safety and Efficacy

At Altitude Cannabis Club, we care about the safety and satisfaction of our customers. As such, all the products we offer from these leading brands are third-party tested for safety and efficacy. We work closely with certified laboratories to ensure that the products you get from our dispensary are free of harmful substances and deliver the expected effects. These stringent testing procedures uphold our commitment to quality and transparency, allowing us to guarantee the purity, potency, and safety of our cannabis products.

At Altitude Cannabis Club, we don’t just sell cannabis – we connect our customers with a diverse array of top-quality, safe, and effective cannabis brands from across the country. By combining the best of East and West, we create an unparalleled cannabis experience right here in Brooklyn. Explore our selection today and discover why we’re the go-to dispensary for discerning cannabis enthusiasts.

Weed Delivery Brooklyn

Why Choose Altitude? The Sky is the Limit!

Why Choose Altitude Cannabis Club for Your Bushwick Cannabis Delivery

In a city as diverse and vibrant as New York, it’s essential to have a reliable cannabis dispensary that understands your unique needs. At Altitude Cannabis Club, we pride ourselves on being just that. With over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, we’ve perfected our craft and know exactly what our customers in Bushwick and beyond are looking for.

As your local weed delivery service, we make purchasing cannabis as simple as ordering a pizza. And it’s not just about convenience. We’re all about quality too. Whether you need medical marijuana or recreational cannabis, we’ve got you covered. Our selection includes tested products, all legal and carefully curated from the finest cannabis in New York.

But what truly sets us apart? Firstly, we are as dynamic as the city we serve. If you need to change location, no problem. Whether you’re in Bushwick or another part of the city, we’re ready to deliver. Our mobile dispensary is just a click away. With online delivery in New York, we make accessing your favorite cannabis products a breeze. You can order your weed online and enjoy delivery right to your door.

Our passion for cannabis has earned us the title of the “King of New York” when it comes to cannabis delivery. But, our reign goes beyond just delivery. We strive to educate our clients about the products they consume. Our staff is always ready to discuss the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis or help you select the perfect strain for a recreational high.

At Altitude Cannabis Club, we are more than a dispensary delivery service. We’re a trusted partner for all things cannabis. We’ve seen how the perception of weed has changed over the years. Now that weed is legal in NYC, we’re excited to see what the future holds. Our goal is to continue providing top-quality, safe cannabis products while advocating for more inclusive cannabis laws and regulations.

Choose Altitude Cannabis Club for your next Bushwick buds delivery. With us, you’re not just buying weed online; you’re becoming a part of a community that values quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction above all else. Come and join us on this exciting journey.

About Bushwick

Discover Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Bushwick, a vibrant neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY known for its rich history, colorful street art, and diverse culture. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there’s always something to see and do in Bushwick.

Points of Interest

  1. Bushwick Collective Street Art: Bushwick Collective is a world-renowned outdoor gallery of street art that’s a must-visit. Check out their website for more information.

  2. Maria Hernandez Park: The heart of Bushwick, Maria Hernandez Park is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. Visit the NYC Parks site for more details.

  3. House of Yes: A creative nightlife venue offering everything from dance parties to immersive cinema, House of Yes is an unforgettable experience. Explore their website to see what’s on.

Where to Eat

  1. Robertas: Known for its wood-fired pizzas, Robertas is a Bushwick institution. Visit their website to view their menu.

  2. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos: For authentic Mexican cuisine, look no further than Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos. More information can be found on their website.

  3. Bunna Cafe: Serving up delicious Ethiopian vegan food, Bunna Cafe is a unique dining experience in Bushwick. Check out their website for more details.

City Information

Bushwick is located in the northern part of Brooklyn, bordering neighborhoods like East New York and Bedford-Stuyvesant. It’s a melting pot of cultures, with a large Hispanic community adding to its vibrant diversity. Easily accessible through the L train, it’s known for its mix of industrial architecture and residential buildings.

While in Bushwick, elevate your experience with Altitude Cannabis Club, the “King of New York” in cannabis delivery. We provide tested, quality medical and recreational cannabis products right to your doorstep, with easy online ordering. As a local dispensary with over a decade of experience, we proudly serve the Bushwick community and offer a mobile dispensary for your convenience. Whether you’re seeking therapeutic benefits or recreational enjoyment, our cannabis experts are ready to guide your selection. Experience the ease of legal, top-quality cannabis with Altitude Cannabis Club. So why wait? Buy weed online today and join our growing community of satisfied customers. Visit our website to get started.

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