Is weed legal in New York state?

Find out the current legal status of weed in New York state. Learn about the laws regarding recreational and medical marijuana, as well as the penalties for possession and cultivation.

Strain of The Day: White Runtz

Introduction In the ever-evolving cannabis landscape, White Runtz stands out, making waves with its delightful flavor profile and balanced high. Today, we celebrate this unique strain, exploring why it has garnered such attention and acclaim, earning the title of “Strain of the Day.” A Sweet Symphony of Flavors One of the most notable characteristics of […]

RS11: Celebrating the Strain of the Day

RS11: Celebrating the Strain of the Day In a landscape rich with aromatic nuances and vibrant profiles, the RS11 stands tall, claiming the well-deserved title of today’s “Strain of the Day.” Let’s celebrate RS11, also known as “RS-11” or “Rainbow Sherbet #11,” a wonderous indica-dominant hybrid taking the cannabis community by storm, and discover why […]

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