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About Altitude Club

In the heart of Brooklyn, NY, nestled amidst the dynamic pulse of the city, lies a sanctuary for cannabis enthusiasts – the Altitude Club. For years, we’ve stood as a beacon for those seeking the finest cannabis experience, from the seasoned aficionado to the curious newcomer. Our journey through the cannabis landscape is not just about selling products; it’s about creating a community, building trust, and offering an unparalleled experience.

Our Storefront Location in Brooklyn:

  • Open for Everyone: Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or new to the world of marijuana, we welcome you with open arms to explore our vast selection.

  • Best of Both Coasts: We pride ourselves in offering the best cannabis products, sourced from both the East and West Coast.

  • Authentic Brands: Every brand we house is legit, third-party tested for potency and safety, ensuring you only get the best.

  • Deals to Look Forward To: Our clients are treated to daily deals, ensuring every visit is special.

  • First Time with Us? New to Altitude Club? We offer first-time patients a 10% discount and a free item to kickstart their journey.

  • Diverse Selection: Dive into our collection of over 100+ products, ranging from jungle boy strains to potent THC concentrates.

Our Pioneering Cannabis Delivery:

  • Swift Delivery: Experience lightning-fast delivery with our promise of getting your order to you in less than 2 hours.

  • Covering Brooklyn: Wherever you are in Brooklyn, from downtown Brooklyn to Sheepshead Bay, we’ve got you covered. Especially, our “Weed Delivery Coney Island” service ensures timely delivery to this iconic destination.

  • Safety First: All our products undergo rigorous testing, ensuring what you get is safe for consumption.

  • Discretion Guaranteed: Your privacy matters to us. Expect discreet packaging and delivery every time.

  • Introducing Altitude Club Vapes: Explore our exclusive range of branded Altitude Club vapes, crafted for those who seek the best.

A Glimpse of Our Product Categories:

  • Cannabis Flower: Dive into the world of strains, from sativa to jungles boys hybrid.

  • Vapes: Experience the best in vaping, from live resin disposables to our exclusive Altitude Club range.

  • Edibles: Dive into a world of flavors with our edibles, from 500mg cannabis infused gummy rings to alien labs galactic hash gummies.

  • Pre-Rolls: Ready to smoke, our pre-rolls are perfect for those on-the-go moments.

  • Concentrates: Experience the potency of our THC concentrates, from live resin sauce to quality THC oils.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Refresh with our cannabis-infused beverages.

  • And More: Dive deeper into our collection, and discover products that redefine your cannabis journey.

Why Choose Altitude Club:

When you think of cannabis in Brooklyn, think of Altitude Club. We’re not just a dispensary; we’re a legacy. A legacy built on trust, commitment, and an undying passion for excellence. Whether you’re in Coney Island, Crown Heights, or East New York, our cannabis delivery is at your service.

Take Your Cannabis Experience to New Heights!

Embark on a cannabis journey like no other. Dive into the world of Altitude Club and elevate your experience. Whether you’re exploring our storefront in Brooklyn or seeking cannabis delivery near your home, we promise excellence every step of the way. Ready to elevate? Shop Now!

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Weed Delivery NYC

A Decade of Dedication: Altitude Club’s Unwavering Commitment to the Brooklyn Cannabis Community

For over a decade, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, Altitude Club has been more than just a storefront or a name in cannabis delivery; we’ve been an integral pillar of the cannabis community. Our journey, underpinned by our core values of engagement, safety, and community involvement, has solidified our status as Brooklyn’s premiere cannabis dispensary.

Community Engagement: Building Trust and Strengthening Bonds

At the core of our ethos lies a profound respect for the cannabis community in Brooklyn and beyond. Our engagement with our customers is not transactional; it’s transformational.

  • Active Listening: We’ve always prioritized feedback, from product suggestions like jungle boy strains to delivery in Brooklyn NY preferences. This has ensured that our service evolves in tandem with the community’s needs.

  • Events and Workshops: From cannabis education sessions to community get-togethers, our events foster a sense of unity and shared learning.

  • Quality THC and Beyond: Our range of products, from quality THC concentrates to live resin disposables, is a testament to our commitment to bringing only the best to our community.

Giving Back: Our Commitment to Brooklyn’s Heartbeat

Our relationship with Brooklyn doesn’t stop at providing top-shelf cannabis products. We believe in reciprocating the love and trust we’ve received over the years.

  • Local Collaborations: From working with local brands like Coney Islands’ artisans to partnerships with Downtown Brooklyn events, we’re always seeking ways to uplift our neighborhood.

  • Supporting Local Causes: A portion of our profits goes back into the community, funding initiatives in education, health, and social welfare.

Safety Above All: Our Pledge to You

Whether you’re exploring our dispensary in Brooklyn or opting for cannabis delivery, your safety is our topmost priority.

  • Rigorous Testing: Every product, from our Alien Lab specials to the finest cannabis drinks, undergoes third-party testing to ensure potency and safety.

  • Discreet Deliveries: Our cannabis delivery, be it in Sheepshead Bay or Borough Park, guarantees discretion. Our packaging is unmarked, ensuring your privacy at all times.

  • Safe Spaces: Our storefront in Brooklyn is a sanctuary where everyone is welcome. With trained staff, a secure environment, and clear protocols, we ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all.

  • Educating Customers: We believe that informed customers are safe consumers. From the effects of a particular sativa strain to the potency of THC creams, we provide comprehensive information to ensure safe consumption.

A Decade Down, Forever to Go

Our ten-year-long journey in the heart of Brooklyn has been nothing short of extraordinary. With every quality cannabis delivery, every interaction at our dispensary, and every moment of community engagement, we’ve grown, evolved, and learned. As we look forward to the next decade and beyond, we pledge to continue serving you with the same passion, commitment, and excellence that has defined Altitude Club. Join us, and let’s ascend to new cannabis heights together!

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with Premier Cannabis Brands and Unparalleled Safety Protocols

In the vibrant world of cannabis, where diverse strains, potent concentrates, and innovative products continually evolve, Altitude Club stands as a beacon of quality and trust. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, we pride ourselves on curating a selection that doesn’t just follow industry trends but sets them. Here’s how Altitude Club ensures you’re only getting the best of the best.

An Elite Roster of Cannabis Brands

Navigating the myriad of cannabis products can be overwhelming. From edibles with intricate flavor profiles to live resin disposables that capture the essence of the plant, there’s a world to explore. At Altitude Club:

  • Coast to Coast Excellence: We merge the best from both worlds, bringing you premium cannabis products from the East and West Coast. Whether it’s the celebrated jungle boy strains or the revered Alien Lab specialties, our shelves are stocked with the creme de la creme.

  • Diverse Offerings for Diverse Palates: With 100+ products to choose from, including top-shelf cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and concentrates, every visit to Altitude Club is a journey of discovery.

Safety and Efficacy: Our Unwavering Promise

Our commitment doesn’t stop at sourcing the finest cannabis products. We deeply understand the importance of safety and efficacy in what we offer.

  • Third-Party Testing: Every product that graces our shelves, from the THC-rich live resin sauce to the milder prerolls CBD, undergoes rigorous third-party testing. These tests ensure that the potency is as mentioned, and there are no harmful additives or contaminants.

  • Transparent Sourcing: Our partnerships with brands like Tasty Farms, West Coast Cure, and Jungle Boys are built on transparency. We collaborate closely to understand their cultivation, extraction, and production processes, ensuring the products align with our quality standards.

  • Educated Choices: We believe in empowering our community. Detailed product information, from THC percentages to the specific effects of a sativa strain or the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil, ensures our customers make informed decisions.

A Pledge of Quality

Altitude Club’s commitment to offering only the best brands, coupled with our stringent safety protocols, makes us more than just a dispensary. We’re your trusted partners in the cannabis journey. As we navigate this evolving landscape, our promise remains unshaken: to elevate your cannabis experience through unmatched quality and safety. Dive into a world of unparalleled cannabis excellence with Altitude Club. Your journey to the top begins here.

Weed Delivery Coney Island

Altitude Club: Elevating Coney Island's Cannabis Experience

From the bustling boardwalk of Coney Island to its historic amusement parks, residents and visitors of this iconic neighborhood have always celebrated experiences that are a cut above the rest. In the realm of cannabis, this pursuit of excellence finds its match in Altitude Club. Here’s why we are the premier choice for cannabis enthusiasts in Coney Island.

Unmatched Cannabis Selection in Brooklyn, NY

  • East Meets West: We bring together the finest cannabis products from both coasts. Whether you’re a fan of the Jungle Boy Indica strains or have a preference for Alien Lab specialties, we’ve got you covered.

  • Diverse Offerings: From THC-rich live resin and pre-rolls to relaxing CBD products, our selection boasts over 100 top-quality items:

    • Cannabis Flower
    • Vapes
    • Edibles
    • Concentrates
    • Cannabis Drinks
    • And more!

Swift and Safe Delivery in Brooklyn

  • Rapid Turnaround: With our promise of less than 2-hour delivery to Coney Island and all of Brooklyn, NY, you can enjoy your chosen products without the wait.

  • Discreet Packaging: Our cannabis delivery service guarantees discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy at all times.

  • Safe Products Guaranteed: Whether it’s our live resin disposable vapes or the edibles delivery, every item is third-party tested for safety and efficacy.

Why Altitude Club Stands Out in Coney Island

  • A Decade in the Game: Our longstanding engagement with the cannabis community showcases our dedication and expertise. Coney Island residents can trust in our experience.

  • Exclusive Deals: First-time patients enjoy a 10% discount and a free item. Plus, our daily deals ensure value for our regular patrons.

  • Branded Excellence: Experience the unique flavor and potency profiles with our branded Altitude Club vapes.

  • Local Presence with a Global Outlook: While we cater to the specific needs of the Coney Island community and ensure delivery in Brooklyn NY, our product range reflects the best from across the country.


In the heart of Coney Island, where every experience is meant to be memorable, Altitude Club ensures that your cannabis journey is nothing short of exceptional. Choose us for unparalleled quality, rapid delivery, and a commitment that has stood the test of time. Dive deep into the world of premium cannabis with Altitude Club – Coney Island’s premier cannabis dispensary and delivery service.


About Coney Island

Discover Coney Island: Brooklyn’s Crown Jewel

Welcome to Coney Island, a vibrant neighborhood nestled in the southernmost part of Brooklyn, New York. Famed for its beaches, amusement parks, and a unique blend of old and new, Coney Island is a location full of wonders waiting to be explored.

Points of Interest:

  1. Coney Island Boardwalk:

    • A symbol of relaxation, fun, and oceanic vibes, this boardwalk has been a favorite among locals and tourists for over a century. Perfect for strolls, bike rides, or simply basking in the sun.
    • More Info
  2. Luna Park:

    • An amusement park that’s been thrilling visitors since 2010. From the iconic Cyclone roller coaster to newer rides, there’s something for everyone.
    • Visit Luna Park
  3. New York Aquarium:

    • Located on the boardwalk, it’s the city’s oldest continually operating aquarium, offering a deep dive into marine life.
    • Explore the Aquarium

Places to Eat:

  1. Nathan’s Famous:

    • Home to perhaps the world’s most famous hot dog, this is a must-visit. It’s a Coney Island tradition since 1916.
    • Menu & More
  2. Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano:

    • Serving delicious pies since 1924, their coal-oven pizzas are the stuff of legends.
    • Check them Out
  3. Ruby’s Bar & Grill:

    • Located right on the boardwalk, it offers perfect sea views with your meal. Ideal for seafood lovers!
    • Dine at Ruby’s

City Information:

  • Location: Southern part of Brooklyn, bounded by Manhattan Beach to its east.
  • Subway Access: D, Q, N, F trains all have stops in Coney Island.
  • Historical Fact: The first roller coaster in America opened in Coney Island in 1884.

As the sun sets on the shimmering waters of Coney Island, there’s another experience awaiting Brooklyn’s residents. Altitude Club, your premier cannabis dispensary in New York, offers swift and discreet cannabis delivery right to your doorstep in Coney Island. With products that undergo rigorous third-party testing, you can be assured of both safety and quality. Dive into a curated selection of top-tier cannabis products, and let Altitude Club elevate your Coney Island moments. Experience unparalleled cannabis with Altitude Club. Place your order now!

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