Weed Delivery Fort Greene

About Altitude Club: Your Premier Brooklyn Dispensary

Welcoming Everyone:

  • At Altitude Club, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, we roll out the green carpet for everyone. Whether you’re an ardent cannabis enthusiast or someone looking to explore, our doors are always open.

Quality First:

  • From the sun-kissed West Coast to the historic East Coast, our cannabis products are the gold standard.

  • We’ve collaborated with the best, such as the renowned jungle boy brand, ensuring you get nothing but the finest.


  • Our commitment to safety and quality is paramount.

  • Every brand we offer, be it edibles, vapes, or the popular 35g jungle boys indica, is third-party tested for potency and safety.

Perks & Offers:

  • Daily Deals: Dive into a world of cannabis and enjoy our daily deals tailor-made for our valued clients.

  • First-Time Patrons: New to Altitude Club? Get 10% off and a free item on your first purchase. A gift from us to welcome you to our family.

  • Variety is our Middle Name: With over 100+ products to select from, your choices are endless. Whether it’s the finest cannabis flower, potent concentrates, or a refreshing cannabis drink, we’ve got you covered.

Cannabis Delivery in Brooklyn & Beyond

  • Swift Delivery: Need weed in a hurry? We offer weed delivery in Brooklyn with a promise – your products in less than 2 hours.

  • Covering All Grounds: Whether you’re in Fort Greene, Red Hook, or Park Slope, our cannabis delivery in Brooklyn ensures you’re never too far from quality cannabis.

  • Utmost Discretion: Your privacy is crucial. Our discreet delivery and packaging guarantee your secrets are safe with us.

  • Safety First: Every product delivered is tested and verified, ensuring consumer safety.

  • Altitude Club Vapes: Elevate your vaping experience with our exclusive Altitude Club branded vapes.

Our Offering:

  • Cannabis Flower: Fresh, potent, and aromatic. Dive into a variety of strains curated for every mood.

  • Vapes: From our exclusive Altitude Club vapes to brands like jungle boy, our range promises an unparalleled experience.

  • Edibles: Delight your taste buds with our scrumptious edibles. Perfect for those looking for a delectable high.

  • Pre-Rolls: For those on-the-go moments, our pre-rolls are your perfect companion.

  • Concentrates: Potent and pure. Our concentrates promise a unique and powerful experience.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Refresh, rejuvenate, and relax with our range of cannabis drinks.

  • …And So Much More!

Why Fort Greene Chooses Us for Weed Delivery

Fort Greene is not just a location for us – it’s home. As a cornerstone of the Brooklyn community, we’re committed to providing the very best to our neighbors. Our comprehensive weed delivery in Fort Greene is designed to cater to every cannabis need of this vibrant community. When you think of quality cannabis in Fort Greene, think Altitude Club.

Take Action: Elevate your cannabis experience with Altitude Club. Dive into a world of quality, variety, and trustworthiness. Don’t wait; immerse yourself in the finest cannabis Brooklyn has to offer. Order now and let us bring quality cannabis right to your doorstep.

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Weed Delivery NYC

A Decade of Dedication: Altitude Club’s Engagement with the Cannabis Community

Brooklyn, NY has witnessed a phenomenal transformation in the world of cannabis, and at the heart of this evolution is Altitude Club. With over a decade of experience, we’ve become an integral part of the local Brooklyn landscape, forging strong ties with our beloved cannabis community in Fort Greene, Red Hook, Park Slope, and beyond.

Our Community Engagement Over the Years

  • Pioneers in Brooklyn: Before the bustling cannabis delivery in Brooklyn became the norm, Altitude Club was already there. For over ten years, we’ve been serving the Brooklyn NY community, making us one of the earliest champions of quality cannabis in the area.

  • Giving Back: Our roots are deeply embedded in Brooklyn. Our initiatives extend beyond just providing quality cannabis products:

    • Organizing educational seminars in East Village and Coney Island to dispel myths about cannabis.

    • Collaborating with local Brooklyn artists for unique product designs, fostering local talent.

    • Offering gift cards and special discounts to regular patrons as a token of appreciation.

  • Community Feedback: We’re not just a delivery company. We engage in continuous dialogue with our community, taking feedback, understanding their needs, and evolving our offerings. It’s no wonder that when locals think about cannabis delivery in Brooklyn, Altitude Club is the first name that comes to mind.

Safety: Our Unwavering Commitment

Ensuring the safety of our patrons is at the forefront of our operations, whether at our dispensary or during our weed delivery in Brooklyn.

  • Rigorous Testing: Every product, be it CBD products, pre-rolls, or our popular 35g jungle boys indica, undergoes third-party testing for potency and safety. When you choose Altitude Club, you’re opting for verified quality.

  • Safe Delivery Protocols: Our cannabis delivery in Brooklyn is not just about speed but also safety. Our delivery personnel are trained in safe handling and discreet packaging, ensuring that your order reaches you in perfect condition.

  • Educational Initiatives: We believe that an informed community is a safe community. Our seminars in locations like Park Slope and Red Hook focus on safe cannabis consumption, keeping our community well-informed.

In a world where cannabis is rapidly gaining acceptance, Altitude Club stands as a beacon of quality, safety, and community engagement in Brooklyn. With a legacy spanning over a decade, our commitment to our patrons and the broader community remains unwavering. So, whether you’re in Fort Greene, East Village, or anywhere in Brooklyn, trust Altitude Club for an unparalleled cannabis experience.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with Premium Cannabis Brands

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, NY, Altitude Club stands out not just as a dispensary, but as a haven for those seeking only the best in cannabis quality. From the breezy corners of Red Hook to the bustling streets of Fort Greene, we’ve built a reputation based on trust, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to offering only the top-tier cannabis brands.

Why Our Brands Shine Brightest

  • Coast-to-Coast Excellence: Our offerings bring together the best from both the East and West Coast. This ensures our customers get a diverse range of top-quality cannabis products, be it the famed 35g jungle boys indica or the sought-after jungle boys hybrid.

  • Meticulous Curation: We don’t just stock products; we curate them. Our team is constantly on the lookout for emerging brands in the cannabis world, ensuring that our customers have access to the latest and the best. From edibles and pre-rolls to our signature Altitude Club vapes, there’s a promise of quality in every product.

  • Customer Testimonials: Ask anyone from Park Slope to East Village about their favorite cannabis dispensary, and the answer is invariably Altitude Club. Our brands have not just earned market respect but also the trust and love of our community.

Safety and Efficacy: Our Dual Commitment

  • Third-Party Testing: In the world of cannabis, transparency is key. Every product we offer undergoes rigorous third-party testing. Whether it’s CBD products, edibles, or the renowned world of cannabis strains, when you shop at Altitude Club, you’re choosing safety and efficacy.

  • Label Transparency: Every product at our dispensary comes with clear labeling, detailing its potency, origin, and other essential details. This ensures our customers are well-informed and can make the best choices for their needs.

  • Educational Initiatives: Beyond just selling products, we’re committed to creating an informed customer base. Our educational seminars, held across Brooklyn neighborhoods like Coney Island and Red Hook, delve deep into safe cannabis consumption, the science behind various strains, and the benefits of different products.

At Altitude Club, our commitment goes beyond just offering products; it’s about offering an experience. An experience rooted in trust, underscored by quality, and elevated by the best brands in the cannabis market. When you choose Altitude Club, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re choosing a legacy of excellence.

Come, be a part of our community. Experience the best that cannabis has to offer, only at Altitude Club.


Weed Delivery Fort Greene

Elevate Your Cannabis Experience in Fort Greene with Altitude Club

Fort Greene, with its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, deserves nothing but the best. And when it comes to cannabis, Altitude Club is the beacon of excellence in this iconic Brooklyn neighborhood. If you’re seeking the finest in cannabis dispensary and delivery services in Fort Greene, here’s why Altitude Club should be your first choice.

Why Altitude Club Stands Out in Fort Greene

  • Localized Service with a Global Perspective: While our roots are deep in Brooklyn, our cannabis offerings are a fusion of the best from both the East and West Coast.

  • Discreet Delivery, Every Time: In Fort Greene and surrounding neighborhoods, our delivery Brooklyn promise stands strong. Whether it’s curbside pickup or home delivery, expect discretion and promptness every time.

  • Safety as a Priority: Every product, be it the coveted 35g jungle boys or CBD products, undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring what you consume is safe and potent.

  • Diverse Product Range:

    • Cannabis flower for the traditionalists.

    • Vapes, including our own branded Altitude Club vapes, for those on-the-go.

    • Edibles for a delightful treat.

    • Pre-Rolls for convenience.

    • Concentrates for the connoisseurs.

    • Cannabis Drinks to quench your thirst.

    • And so much more.

  • Convenient Locations: Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, our dispensary is easily accessible for everyone in Fort Greene. Plus, with our efficient weed delivery in Brooklyn, we ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

  • Engaged in the Community: Fort Greene isn’t just a delivery destination for us. It’s a community we engage with, understand, and serve tailored to its unique needs.

  • Daily Deals and Discounts: From first-time patient benefits to daily deals, shopping at Altitude Club is as rewarding as it is qualitative.

Experience Fort Greene’s Premier Cannabis Service

East Village, Park Slope, Coney Island – wherever you might be, in or around Fort Greene, Altitude Club is your trusted partner for all things cannabis. We’re not just a dispensary; we’re a community of cannabis enthusiasts committed to elevating your experience.

Dive into the world of quality cannabis with Altitude Club. Order today and discover why we’re Fort Greene’s top choice!

About Fort Greene

Discover Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Fort Greene, a gem nestled within Brooklyn, New York, is an embodiment of culture, history, and urban charm. This picturesque neighborhood, adorned with tree-lined streets and classic brownstones, is an inviting mix of old-world allure and contemporary vibrancy. Dive into what makes Fort Greene truly one-of-a-kind.

Points of Interest:

  1. Fort Greene Park: The heart of the neighborhood, this historic park offers vast green spaces, a range of sporting facilities, and a majestic memorial to the Revolutionary War’s prison ship martyrs. Learn more.

  2. Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM): Experience the arts like never before at BAM, a multi-arts center known for its avant-garde performances, cinema experiences, and cultural festivals. Explore BAM.

  3. The Mark Morris Dance Center: Dive into the world of dance, where passion and artistry come alive. Visit now.

Dine in Fort Greene:

  • Olea: A Mediterranean haven offering a delectable spread that’s a true feast for the senses. Check their menu.

  • Dino: Dive into the rich flavors of Italian cuisine in this cozy, rustic eatery. Discover Dino.

  • Miss Ada: Experience the Middle Eastern twist with every bite in this intimate space. Savor the flavors.

City Information:

Located in the northwestern corner of Brooklyn, Fort Greene beautifully merges its historical background with modern-day living. Home to renowned writers, artists, and musicians, its streets resonate with creativity and inspiration. Its close proximity to Manhattan and excellent subway connectivity make it an ideal neighborhood for both working professionals and families.

Experience Elevated Cannabis Service in Fort Greene with Altitude Club

As you immerse yourself in the essence of Fort Greene, let Altitude Club elevate your cannabis experience. Renowned as the trusted Brooklyn dispensary, we bring to Fort Greene and beyond the finest selection of cannabis products, right from vapes, edibles, to premium cannabis flowers. Our commitment to safety, quality, and community engagement makes us your perfect partner in the world of cannabis.

Why wait? Dive into the world of Altitude Club today. Discover Fort Greene’s top choice for cannabis delivery and dispensary services. Order Now!

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