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About Altitude Club: Brooklyn’s Premier Dispensary & Cannabis Delivery Service

Welcome to Altitude Club, your one-stop destination for the best cannabis experience in Brooklyn, New York. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, we’re more than just a cannabis dispensary; we’re a community. Open to all and especially inviting for cannabis enthusiasts, our store boasts the best from the East and West Coast.

Why Choose Altitude Club?

  • Diverse Product Range: Dive into a world of over 100+ cannabis products, handpicked for their quality and authenticity. Whether you’re in Sheepshead Bay or Red Hook, our store in Brooklyn, NY has something for every cannabis aficionado.

  • Quality Guaranteed: We pride ourselves on offering only legit brands that undergo rigorous third-party testing for potency and safety.

  • Daily Deals & Offers: Every day is a celebration at Altitude Club. Enjoy daily deals, and if it’s your first time with us, avail 10% off and grab a free item on us.

Altitude Club’s Cannabis Delivery – Fast & Reliable

Brooklyn is expansive, from Gravesend to Coney Island. And we’ve got all of Brooklyn covered!

  • Prompt Deliveries: Less than 2-hour delivery ensures you get your weed when you crave it. Whether you’re looking for weed delivery in Brooklyn or specific areas like Gravesend, trust us to be on time.

  • Discretion Assured: Your privacy is our priority. Benefit from our discreet delivery and packaging.

  • Safety First: Every product we deliver is safe and tested, guaranteeing consumer safety. Plus, check out our own branded Altitude Club vapes for a premium vaping experience.

Diverse Cannabis Product Categories

  • Cannabis Flower: Fresh and aromatic, sourced from trusted growers.

  • Vapes: Including our exclusive Altitude Club branded vapes.

  • Edibles: Dive into a flavorful journey.

  • Pre-Rolls: Perfect for those on-the-go moments.

  • Concentrates: Potent and pure.

  • Cannabis Drinks: A refreshing twist to your cannabis experience.

  • And More!: Discover a variety of other products in-store.

Cannabis Delivery in Gravesend and Beyond

Gravesend, Brooklyn, holds a special place in our hearts. Not just a historic neighborhood, it’s a vibrant community that deserves the best. And that’s why we offer specialized weed delivery in Gravesend, ensuring residents get what they need, when they need it.

Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with Altitude Club

Whether you’re a local Brooklyn resident or just passing through areas like Coney Island or Gravesend, Altitude Club promises a cannabis experience like no other. Dive into a world of quality, variety, and unparalleled service. Don’t just take our word for it; download the app and explore our range today. Ready to elevate your cannabis journey? Order Now and discover why we’re the favorite for many in Brooklyn and beyond.

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Weed Delivery NYC

A Decade with Altitude Club: Serving the Cannabis Community of Brooklyn, NY

For over a decade, Altitude Club has been at the forefront of the cannabis community in Brooklyn, New York. From Sheepshead Bay to Red Hook, we have consistently evolved while keeping our roots firmly grounded in serving and engaging with our beloved community.

Engaging with the Cannabis Community

  • Legacy and Experience: Having been in the game for over a decade, we’ve seen the transformation of the cannabis landscape in Brooklyn, NY. This experience gives us a unique perspective to understand our customers’ evolving needs and preferences.

  • Community Events: Altitude Club isn’t just a dispensary or a delivery company; it’s a pillar of the community. Over the years, we’ve hosted numerous local Brooklyn events, workshops, and gatherings, promoting cannabis awareness and responsible use.

  • Feedback Channels: Our local Brooklyn community is our greatest critic and ally. We regularly invite feedback, conduct surveys, and even have open house days where customers can chat with our team, ensuring we stay connected and relevant.

Giving Back to Our Brooklyn Community

  • Supporting Local Causes: Altitude Club believes in giving back. From supporting local charities to sponsoring community events in areas like Gravesend and Coney Island, we ensure our success benefits the entire community.

  • Educational Initiatives: Knowledge is power. We’ve initiated several educational programs about safe cannabis use, the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and more, ensuring our community is well-informed.

  • Employment Opportunities: We prioritize hiring from within the community, ensuring that our success translates into prosperity for Brooklyn residents.

Safety: Our Utmost Priority

  • In-Store Safety: At our dispensary, we have stringent safety protocols. From ensuring the products on our shelves are third-party tested for potency and safety to maintaining a clean, sanitized environment, we leave no stone unturned.

  • Reliable Delivery: Our cannabis delivery in Brooklyn is not only fast but also safe. Our delivery personnel are trained in discrete and safe delivery practices, ensuring your products reach you without a hitch.

  • Safe Products: Every cannabis product, whether it’s for weed delivery in Brooklyn or an in-store purchase, undergoes rigorous checks. We stock only legit brands known for their quality and safety.

  • Discrete Packaging: Understanding the need for privacy, all our deliveries, from Sheepshead Bay to Red Hook, come in discreet packaging, ensuring your peace of mind.

As we journey forward, Altitude Club remains committed to the Brooklyn, NY community. With safety, engagement, and giving back as our core tenets, we aim to continue serving our cannabis community with the same passion and dedication that has defined us for over a decade. Join us in this journey, and let’s elevate our cannabis experience together.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with the Best Cannabis Brands

Brooklyn, NY, boasts a diverse and vibrant community with discerning tastes. At Altitude Club, we understand that our community deserves nothing but the best. As a trusted dispensary and cannabis delivery service, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer the top cannabis brands available, ensuring quality, safety, and the ultimate cannabis experience for our patrons.

Curated Selection of Premier Cannabis Brands

  • East Meets West: Our inventory represents the best of both coasts. From renowned brands in Sheepshead Bay to Red Hook favorites and from West Coast legends to East Coast classics, our shelves showcase a handpicked selection that guarantees excellence.

  • Diverse Product Offerings: Beyond just cannabis flowers, our product range spans across vapes, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, and more. Each category is filled with brands that have a reputation for quality and consistency.

  • Exclusive Collaborations: Being a major player in the Brooklyn cannabis scene, Altitude Club occasionally collaborates with leading brands to bring exclusive products and limited editions to our store and delivery services.

Third-Party Testing: A Non-Negotiable Standard

At Altitude Club, we believe that trust is earned. Our commitment to safety and efficacy is unwavering, and here’s how we ensure it:

  • Vetting Brands: Before any brand makes its way to our shelves or delivery inventory, it undergoes a thorough vetting process. We look at their cultivation practices, extraction methods, and overall brand reputation.

  • Mandatory Third-Party Testing: Every product we offer, be it for in-store purchase or cannabis delivery in Brooklyn, is third-party tested. These tests ensure that the products are free from harmful chemicals, contaminants, and meet the potency as advertised.

  • Transparency: We believe in an informed community. Every product’s third-party test results are available for our customers. Whether you’re curious about the THC content, CBD levels, or want to ensure there are no pesticides, we’ve got the data for you.

  • Consistent Quality Checks: The cannabis industry is ever-evolving. New extraction methods, innovative products, and enhanced strains are introduced regularly. We continuously update our testing protocols to ensure we’re always ahead of the curve, guaranteeing safety and efficacy.

Discover Quality Like Never Before

In a market flooded with choices, Altitude Club stands out by offering only the best. Our unwavering commitment to quality, combined with our insistence on third-party testing, ensures that our community gets products that are safe, effective, and truly premium. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a curious newbie, with Altitude Club, you’re always in safe hands. Experience the best cannabis brands the market has to offer, only at Altitude Club.

Weed Delivery Gravesend

Why Altitude Club is Your Ultimate Choice for Cannabis in Gravesend, Brooklyn NY

Gravesend, a historic gem nestled in Brooklyn, New York, deserves nothing but the best when it comes to cannabis offerings. Altitude Club, with its dedication to quality and community, stands out as the top choice for both dispensary visits and cannabis delivery services. Here’s why:

Local Knowledge and Expertise

  • Rooted in Brooklyn: Being an integral part of Brooklyn, NY, we understand the local tastes and preferences. Our curated selections cater specifically to the Gravesend community’s unique tastes.

  • A Decade in the Game: Our experience of over ten years gives us an edge. We’ve seen the evolution of cannabis trends and have always stayed ahead, offering our patrons the latest and the best.

Unparalleled Cannabis Delivery Service

  • Swift Delivery: If you’re in Gravesend, Brooklyn NY, and you’re craving quality cannabis, we promise delivery in Brooklyn in less than 2 hours. That’s our commitment to our community.

  • Discreet Packaging: Your privacy is paramount. Our weed delivery in Brooklyn comes in packaging that ensures discretion, keeping your purchase private.

  • Extensive Range: From the comfort of your home in Gravesend, browse through our extensive range of cannabis products, place an order, and let us do the rest.

Commitment to Quality

  • Curated Selection: From popular strains to the latest in cannabis innovations, we’ve got it all. Whether you’re into vapes, edibles, or classic cannabis flowers, our selection is sure to impress.

  • Safety First: Every product, whether available for delivery in Brooklyn or in-store, undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure potency, safety, and overall quality.

  • Local Partnerships: We pride ourselves on collaborating with local Brooklyn growers and producers. This not only ensures fresh products but also promotes local businesses.

Engaged Community Participation

  • Feedback Channels: We value our community’s voice. Whether you’re from Red Hook or Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY, your feedback shapes our offerings, ensuring we meet and exceed expectations.

  • Regular Promotions: We believe in rewarding our loyal customers. Keep an eye out for our daily deals and exclusive promotions tailored for our Gravesend patrons.

Experience the Altitude Club Difference in Gravesend

Altitude Club is more than just a dispensary or a delivery company; it’s a commitment to excellence. Our roots in Brooklyn, NY, and especially our bond with the Gravesend community, drive us to deliver unparalleled service, quality, and variety. So, the next time you think cannabis, think Altitude Club. Place your order today and elevate your cannabis experience.

About Gravesend

Discover Gravesend, Brooklyn NY

Nestled in the southern part of Brooklyn, New York, Gravesend is a neighborhood with rich history and vibrant culture. A perfect blend of urban living and quiet charm, Gravesend is a place where locals are proud to call home and visitors are enthralled by its unique offerings.

Points of Interest:

Places to Eat:

  • Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitana: A staple in Gravesend for decades, this pizzeria offers authentic New York-style pizza. Visit Totonno’s Website

  • L&B Spumoni Gardens: Famous for its Sicilian pizza and spumoni, this eatery is a must-visit for all food enthusiasts. Visit L&B Spumoni Gardens Website

Places to Visit:

  • Gravesend Bay: A beautiful bay area offering splendid views, perfect for evening walks and relaxation. Learn more about Gravesend Bay

  • Avenue U: A bustling commercial street filled with shops, eateries, and vibrant local life. Discover Avenue U

City Information:

Gravesend is easily accessible via multiple subway lines and offers a range of housing options, from historic homes to modern apartments. The neighborhood boasts excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities, making it a sought-after locale for families.

Elevate Your Gravesend Experience with Altitude Club

While you immerse yourself in the charm of Gravesend, Brooklyn NY, elevate the experience with the finest cannabis offerings. Altitude Club is committed to bringing you top-notch cannabis products, whether you prefer visiting our storefront or opting for discreet cannabis delivery to your doorstep. As a trusted Brooklyn dispensary, we ensure quality, safety, and a wide range of products to choose from. So, as you navigate through the wonders of Gravesend, remember that premium cannabis is just a call away.

Order Now and let us elevate your Brooklyn experience.

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