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About Altitude Club

Brooklyn’s Premier Cannabis Destination

Altitude Club isn’t just another Brooklyn Dispensary. We are a haven for cannabis enthusiasts, both new and seasoned. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, our storefront is open to everyone, making us the go-to Bushwick Dispensary for both recreational and medical users. Wondering, “Is Weed Legal In NYC?” Absolutely! And Altitude Club is your best choice for premium cannabis.

Why Choose Us?

  • East Meets West: We bring the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coasts.

  • Legit and Safe: Every brand we stock is third party tested for potency and safety, ensuring you get only legit and reliable products.

  • Deals You Can’t Refuse: Daily deals to make your cannabis experience even better. Plus, First Time Patients Get 10% Off and A Free Item!

  • Extensive Range: With 100+ products to select from, we cater to every cannabis need.

Cannabis Delivery – Right at Your Doorstep

Got no time to drop by our NYC Dispensary? No worries! With Altitude Club, Brooklyn Weed Delivery is a breeze. Whether you’re in Bushwick or any other part of Brooklyn, we promise:

  • Quick Delivery: Get your products in less than 2 hours.

  • City-Wide Reach: We deliver across all of Brooklyn, NY.

  • Privacy Assured: Discreet delivery and packaging for your peace of mind.

  • Safety First: All our products, including our very own branded Altitude Club vapes, are safe and tested for consumer safety.

  • Easy Access: Thinking, “Where’s the nearest Recreational Dispensary Near Me or Medical Dispensaries Near Me?” Simply download the app and get all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

Weed Delivery Vinegar Hill – Categories We Offer

  • Cannabis Flower: Sourced from the best cannabis strains and grown with care.

  • Vapes: Including our branded Altitude Club vapes.

  • Edibles: From brownies to gummies, satiate your munchies.

  • Pre-Rolls: Perfect for those on the go.

  • Concentrates: Pure and potent for the experienced.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Refreshing beverages with a twist.

  • And More! From rolling papers to gift cards, we’ve got it all.

A Bit More About Us

Our vision goes beyond being the top Weed Dispensary in New York. We believe in social equity, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance in the cannabis industry. Moreover, with our roots tied deeply to places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, we bring a blend of cannabis culture to New York. Our weed license allows us to operate in full compliance with the law, making us the trusted NYC Dispensary Midtown residents can count on.

Take The Altitude Club Experience Home

Ready to elevate your cannabis experience? Dive into our NYC Weed collection, pick your favorites, and let us do the rest. Remember, whether you’re looking for THC stores or cannabis delivery in NYC, Altitude Club is your best bet.

Don’t wait! Dive into the world of premium cannabis with Altitude Club today. Your journey to the highest peaks of cannabis quality begins here.

Order Now & Experience The Altitude Difference!

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Weed Delivery NYC

Altitude Club: A Decade of Dedication to the Cannabis Community

From the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the iconic bridges of San Francisco, the cannabis industry has seen a meteoric rise over the past decade. At the heart of this revolution stands Altitude Club, deeply rooted in the community with unwavering commitment.

A Decade in Retrospect

Altitude Club has always believed in building a bridge between the cannabis world and its enthusiasts. Over the last ten years:

  • We’ve remained engaged with our patrons, fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

  • Through our digital platforms, like the download the app feature, we’ve provided an accessible space for everyone to learn, interact, and engage with the world of cannabis.

  • While many a marijuana dispensary might have come and gone, Altitude Club has remained steadfast, thanks in large part to our dedication to community engagement.

Giving Back: Our Pledge to Social Equity

Cannabis is more than just a product; it’s a culture, a lifestyle, and for many, a means to wellness. This belief is deeply ingrained in our ethos, and it drives our social equity initiatives.

  • We’ve launched programs aimed at assisting communities disproportionately affected by previous cannabis regulations.

  • A portion of our proceeds goes back into community projects, ensuring we play our part in community upliftment.

  • Beyond just cannabis, we’ve ventured into food delivery programs, providing essential sustenance to those in need in partnership with local businesses.

Safety: Our Non-Negotiable Commitment

Ensuring safety, both within our cannabis dispensary and during our cannabis delivery service, has always been paramount.

  • At Our Dispensary:

    • Rigorous cleanliness protocols are followed.

    • Staff undergo regular training to ensure they’re updated on the best safety practices.

    • All products, including cannabis strains, are third-party tested, ensuring they’re free from contaminants and safe for consumption.

  • During Delivery:

    • Our delivery packaging is discreet, ensuring privacy for our consumers.

    • We’ve incorporated a stringent verification process to confirm the age and identity of our customers.

    • The delivery staff are trained to follow safety protocols, ensuring a secure handover every time.

  • Safety Products: Alongside our cannabis offerings, we provide essentials like rolling papers that meet industry safety standards, ensuring that our clients have access to safe consumption tools.

In Conclusion

As Altitude Club sails into another decade, our commitment to the cannabis community remains as strong as ever. From engaging with our community to giving back and ensuring safety at every touchpoint, our journey is intertwined with that of every cannabis enthusiast out there.

Join us as we continue this remarkable journey, always placing our community and safety at the heart of everything we do.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Setting the Gold Standard in Cannabis Brands

Navigating the vast landscape of cannabis brands can sometimes feel like venturing into a dense forest without a map. With the multitude of choices available, how do you discern the genuine from the mediocre? At Altitude Club, our mission has been clear from day one: to bring only the finest cannabis brands to our community, ensuring safety and efficacy at every step.

Sourcing Only the Best

Our quest to offer the best starts right from the selection process. We’re not just looking for popular names or fancy packaging. Our focus is on quality, reputation, and genuine commitment to excellence. Here’s how we make that distinction:

  • Rigorous Vetting: Every brand that aspires to grace our shelves undergoes a stringent vetting process. We dive deep into their cultivation practices, ingredient sourcing, and production methodologies.

  • Passion Over Profit: We align ourselves with brands that prioritize passion for cannabis over mere profit. This ensures that what you get is a product crafted with love and expertise, not just a commercial commodity.

Third-Party Testing: Our Assurance of Safety & Efficacy

While many dispensaries might claim quality, at Altitude Club, we provide proof. Every single product we offer is third-party tested. Here’s why this is non-negotiable for us:

  • Safety First: Third-party testing ensures that the cannabis products are free from harmful contaminants like pesticides, molds, and heavy metals. You can indulge with the assurance that you’re consuming something safe.

  • Efficacy Guaranteed: These tests also verify the potency of the product, ensuring that you get what’s promised. Whether it’s the THC or CBD content, you can be confident of the efficacy and consistency of our products.

  • Transparency: We believe in complete transparency. Detailed test results are available for our customers, offering insights into everything from cannabinoid profile to terpene content and potential contaminants.

Bringing East & West Coast Excellence

At Altitude Club, our product range is a harmonious blend of the best from both coasts. Whether it’s the sun-grown marvels from California or the innovative blends from New York, we bring a curated selection that represents the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship.


In an industry where standards can often be murky, Altitude Club shines as a beacon of commitment to quality. By offering only the best brands and ensuring rigorous third-party testing, we promise not just products, but a superior cannabis experience.

Join us on this journey of excellence, and let Altitude Club elevate your cannabis standards to new heights.

Weed Delivery Vinegar Hill

Altitude Club: Your Premier Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Service in Vinegar Hill

Amidst the buzzing lanes of Vinegar Hill, New York, Altitude Club stands as an epitome of trust, quality, and commitment. But in an area where cannabis choices are plenty, why should Altitude Club be your first choice? The answer lies in our relentless dedication to serving you the best. Here’s why:

Engaged with the Cannabis Community

From Los Angeles to San Francisco and now Vinegar Hill, our journey has always been driven by the community.

  • Ten Years Strong: A decade of engagement with the cannabis community has given us insights into the evolving needs and preferences of our patrons.

  • Community Initiatives: Our belief in social equity ensures we regularly give back, be it through food delivery programs or community upliftment projects.

Safety and Quality – Our Dual Pledge

Every product from Altitude Club promises both safety and quality.

  • Third-Party Tested: Whether you’re exploring cannabis strains or picking up rolling papers, rest assured every item has undergone rigorous third-party testing.

  • Discreet Deliveries: Opt for our cannabis delivery service, and you’ll receive your order in discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy.

Unparalleled Cannabis Delivery Service

With Altitude Club’s cannabis delivery service, Vinegar Hill residents can expect:

  • Swift Service: Your favorite cannabis products delivered to your doorstep in record time.

  • Broad Coverage: Spanning all of Vinegar Hill, our cannabis delivery ensures that no corner is left untouched.

  • User-Friendly App: Simply download the app for a seamless ordering experience, complete with order tracking.

Curated Product Range

We’re not just a marijuana dispensary; we’re your gateway to the best cannabis experience.

  • Top Brands: Our shelves boast products from the most reputable brands in the industry.

  • Diverse Offerings: From edibles and vapes to concentrates, our range caters to every cannabis connoisseur.


As you navigate the cannabis landscape of Vinegar Hill, let Altitude Club be your trusted guide. Our commitment to quality, community, and service makes us not just another dispensary, but a partner in your cannabis journey.

Vinegar Hill, experience the pinnacle of cannabis service with Altitude Club. Dive in, and let us elevate your cannabis adventure.

About Vinegar Hill

Discover Vinegar Hill, New York

Tucked away in the borough of Brooklyn, Vinegar Hill is a historical gem waiting to be explored. With its cobblestone streets, 19th-century warehouses, and breathtaking waterfront views, this quaint neighborhood offers a fusion of history, modernity, and culture.

Points of Interest:

  1. Vinegar Hill Historic District: A must-visit to understand the rich architectural and historical significance of the neighborhood. Learn more on their official website.

  2. Vinegar Hill House: A rustic eatery set in a former warehouse, offering delicious contemporary dishes. Visit their website for reservations and menu details.

  3. St. Ann’s Warehouse: An avant-garde theater known for innovative performances. Check out upcoming events on their website.

  4. Brooklyn Navy Yard: Once the epicenter of shipbuilding, this landmark has transformed into a hub for urban manufacturers. Discover more on its official website.

Places to Eat:

  1. Hillside: A cozy cafe with a delightful menu, perfect for brunches and quick bites. Dive into their offerings on their website.

  2. Forno Rosso Pizzeria: Experience authentic wood-fired pizzas in this Brooklyn gem. Check out their menu here.

  3. Atrium DUMBO: Modern French-inspired dishes set in a chic environment with views of the Brooklyn Bridge. Find out more here.

Places to Visit:

  1. Vinegar Hill Community Garden: A serene green oasis in the heart of the neighborhood. Learn about events and workshops here.

  2. Concord Market: A one-stop destination for gourmet groceries, wines, and freshly baked goods. Explore more on their website.

  3. Brooklyn Bridge Park: Just a short walk away, this iconic park offers recreational spaces, stunning skyline views, and cultural events. Visit their official website for more information.

City Information:

Vinegar Hill, named for the 1798 Battle of Vinegar Hill in Ireland, is known for its historic charm. Its Belgian block streets, distinctive architecture, and proximity to the East River make it a sought-after locale. The neighborhood, with its close-knit community vibe, offers a peaceful respite from the hustle of the city while being conveniently located near the buzz of DUMBO and Downtown Brooklyn.

Elevate Your Vinegar Hill Experience with Altitude Club:

For residents of Vinegar Hill and visitors alike, there’s now an exciting addition to your neighborhood experience. Altitude Club, a leading cannabis dispensary and delivery service, offers a curated selection of the finest cannabis products, right at your doorstep. Our commitment to quality, safety, and community sets us apart. Whether you’re exploring the rich history of Vinegar Hill or relaxing by the waterfront, let Altitude Club elevate your moments. Dive into our diverse cannabis offerings and discover a new dimension to your Vinegar Hill memories. Place your order now!

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