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Your Brooklyn Dispensary & Premier Cannabis Delivery Service

In the heart of Brooklyn, Altitude Club shines as a beacon for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Our journey in the cannabis industry spans across the vibrant East and West Coasts, bringing the best of both worlds right to New York’s doorstep.

Why Altitude Club Stands Out

  • For Everyone: Whether you’re just exploring the world of recreational marijuana or are a connoisseur, we welcome all.

  • Unmatched Product Quality: From the premium flower of the cannabis flower category to the smooth experience of our THC vape collections, quality is an assurance.

    • East Meets West: We handpick the finest cannabis products from both coasts ensuring a diverse range.

    • Safety First: Only legit cannabis brands make it to our shelves. Every item is third-party tested for potency and safety.

  • Daily Specials: Our customers are our priority. Enjoy daily deals and special discounts.

  • First Time with Us?: New patients receive a warm 10% off and a complimentary item.

  • Diverse Offerings: With over 100+ products ranging from edibles like THC gummies to our own branded Altitude Club vape cartridges, there’s something for everyone.

Cannabis Delivery – The Altitude Club Way

West Brighton, we’ve got you covered!

  • Swift and Efficient: Expect your weed online orders in less than 2 hours with our Weed Delivery West Brighton service.

  • City-Wide Reach: We deliver across all of Brooklyn, ensuring no one’s left out.

  • Discretion Guaranteed: Cannabis deliverys with discreet packaging to maintain your privacy.

  • Altitude Club Specials: Try our signature Altitude Club vapes for a unique experience.

Categories We Offer

Dive into our expansive product range:

  • Flowers: Choose from diverse flower strains offering both CBD and THC goodness.

  • Vapes: Including our exclusive Altitude Club vape collection.

  • Edibles: From THC gummies to other delights.

  • Pre-Rolls: For those quick and easy moments.

  • Concentrates: Pure and powerful.

  • Drinks: Quench your thirst with our cannabis drinks.

  • And More: Discover our range as you explore.

Ready to Elevate Your Experience?

Brooklyn, West Brighton, and beyond – Altitude Club promises an unmatched cannabis journey. Dive into the finest selection, whether you’re looking to buy weed, explore CBD products, or find the perfect vape cartridge. With our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety, why go anywhere else? Add your favorite products to your cart, and let Altitude Club elevate your day. Shop Now!

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Weed Delivery NYC

Altitude Club: A Decade of Dedication to the Cannabis Community

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis, Altitude Club has remained a steadfast pillar for over a decade. With roots deeply entwined in Brooklyn and its neighboring regions, our commitment to the community, safety, and premium products has never wavered.

Engaging with the Cannabis Community

Since the beginning, our core belief has been that cannabis is more than just a business; it’s a community. Our engagement with the cannabis world extends far beyond our dispensary’s walls:

  • Educational Initiatives: We’ve consistently promoted knowledge about cannabis products, their benefits, and safe consumption. From hosting workshops to circulating informative content about cannabis strains, CBD products, and the evolving cannabis industry, we’ve been at the forefront.

  • Open Forums: Altitude Club often organizes open forums where enthusiasts and novices alike discuss everything from the nuances of recreational marijuana to the latest in THC vape technology.

  • Giving Back to the Community: Our belief in the power of community extends to tangible actions:

    • Support for Local Businesses: Partnering with local suppliers for rolling papers, edibles, and more.

    • Promoting Social Equity: Initiatives aimed at supporting marginalized groups within the cannabis space, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance in the budding cannabis industry.

    • Charitable Drives: Regularly organizing and participating in drives to give back, whether in the realm of marijuana dispensaries or broader community activities.

Unwavering Safety Standards

At Altitude Club, ensuring the safety and well-being of our community has always been paramount:

  • At Our Dispensary:

    • Age Verification: Ensuring that only those of legal age can purchase our products.

    • Educated Staff: Every team member is well-versed in cannabis knowledge, guiding patrons to make informed choices.

    • Product Assurance: Every item, from cannabis flower to THC gummies, is third-party tested, guaranteeing potency and safety.

  • Cannabis Delivery Service:

    • Safe Packaging: Our cannabis deliverys are discreet, ensuring the contents remain private and protected.

    • Reliable Transportation: Partnering only with trusted bud bus services to guarantee timely and safe delivery.

    • Product Handling: Each weed online order is handled with care, maintaining product integrity from our store to your door.

In a decade filled with change, Altitude Club’s dedication to the cannabis community remains unshaken. We’ll continue to elevate standards, engage with our community, and ensure that every product and service aligns with our founding principles of safety, quality, and community upliftment. Here’s to many more years of shared growth and trust!

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Showcasing the Crème de la Crème of Cannabis Brands

In the burgeoning realm of the cannabis industry, a sea of brands and products clamor for attention. Amidst this cacophony, Altitude Club has established itself as a trustworthy curator, handpicking only the most exceptional cannabis brands for its discerning clientele. Our commitment? Unwavering quality, safety, and efficacy.

Only the Best Brands Grace Our Shelves

At Altitude Club, we pride ourselves on our rigorous selection process. Every brand that earns a spot on our shelves must meet our stringent criteria:

  • Reputation in the Industry: We choose brands with a proven track record in the cannabis industry. Their history, customer reviews, and industry recognition all play pivotal roles.

  • Innovative Product Line: The brands we partner with are often at the cutting edge of cannabis innovation, be it in the formulation of potent THC gummies, the smoothest vape cartridge, or the most aromatic cannabis flower.

  • Ethical Practices: From cultivation to packaging, we give precedence to brands that emphasize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade practices.

Third-Party Testing: Our Non-Negotiable Standard

Ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products is not merely a promise; it’s our ethos. Here’s how we uphold this commitment:

  • Unbiased Assessments: Every product, whether a premium flower strain or a THC vape, undergoes rigorous third-party testing. These independent labs ensure there’s no room for bias or inaccuracy.

  • Safety First: These tests scrutinize products for any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or contaminants. Only products that are 100% safe make it to our inventory.

  • Guaranteed Potency: Beyond safety, third-party tests also verify the potency of products. This ensures that when a product promises a specific THC or CBD content, it genuinely delivers on that promise.

  • Transparent Results: At Altitude Club, transparency is key. We ensure that the results of all third-party tests are accessible to our customers, fostering a relationship built on trust and authenticity.

Altitude Club’s dedication to showcasing only the best cannabis brands, coupled with our unwavering commitment to safety and efficacy, makes us more than just a dispensary. We are your trusted cannabis connoisseurs, ensuring that every product you choose is nothing short of the best. Discover the finest in cannabis with us, where quality isn’t just a claim; it’s a guarantee.

Weed Delivery West Brighton

Altitude Club: West Brighton's Premier Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery Service

Navigating the vibrant streets of West Brighton, one is spoilt for choices when it comes to cannabis dispensaries. However, amidst the bustling scene, Altitude Club stands out, emerging as the top choice for many. Wondering why? Let us elucidate.

A Legacy of Trust and Quality

At Altitude Club, our track record speaks for itself. As a beacon in the cannabis industry, we’ve consistently upheld the highest standards in every facet:

  • Diverse Product Range: From aromatic cannabis flower strains to the latest THC vape technology, our inventory boasts over 100 meticulously curated products.

    • Premium Flower: Experience the best of recreational marijuana with our top-tier flower strains.

    • Edibles and Drinks: Savor our selection of cannabis drinks, gummies, and other mouthwatering edibles.

    • Vapes: Discover our exclusive Altitude Club vape cartridge and other leading brands.

    • And more: CBD products, pre-rolls, concentrates – you name it, we stock it.

  • West Brighton Focused Delivery: With our efficient cannabis deliverys system, West Brighton residents can enjoy:

    • Less Than 2 Hour Delivery: No endless waits. Your favorite products, delivered to your doorstep in record time.

    • Discreet Packaging: Every order is packaged with utmost care, ensuring privacy and product integrity.

    • Secure Payment Options: We accept credit cards and other trusted payment methods, making your purchase seamless and secure.

  • Safety is Paramount:

    • Third-Party Testing: We pledge unwavering commitment to safety. Every product, be it a THC gummie or a cannabis drink, undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring it’s free from contaminants and true to its potency claim.

    • Legal Age Restrictions: We strictly cater to those of legal age, ensuring responsible distribution of cannabis products.

  • Engagement with the Community: West Brighton isn’t just a business locale for us; it’s home. Our initiatives in social equity, collaborations with local vendors for products like rolling papers, and our continual engagement in community activities solidify our commitment to the neighborhood.

If you’re in West Brighton and seeking a cannabis dispensary and delivery service that truly prioritizes quality, safety, and community, Altitude Club is your one-stop destination. Dive into the rich world of cannabis with us, and experience the pinnacle of service and product excellence. Add our unparalleled products to your cart today, and let us redefine your cannabis journey.


About West Brighton

Discover West Brighton, New York

Nestled on the North Shore of Staten Island, West Brighton offers a delightful mix of city buzz and suburban tranquility. A historic neighborhood with a rich past, it’s now a hub of cultural diversity, brimming with attractions, eateries, and recreational spots. Dive in and discover what makes West Brighton truly special.

Points of Interest:

  • Clove Lakes Park: An oasis amidst the city, this park offers scenic beauty with its lakes and trees. Ideal for a leisurely walk, jogging, or simply lounging by the water. Visit their website

  • Staten Island Zoo: Situated in the heart of West Brighton, this zoo is home to a plethora of exotic animals and offers educational programs for kids and adults alike. More about the zoo here

Places to Eat:

  • J’s on the Bay: A cozy diner offering scrumptious breakfasts and a diverse menu to satisfy all your cravings. Check out their menu

  • Paulie’s Pizzeria: When in New York, indulge in pizza! Paulie’s serves up authentic New York-style slices, ensuring a mouthwatering experience. Drool over their offerings here

City Information:

  • Population: Approximately 15,000 residents.

  • Transport: Well-connected by public transport, with regular bus services plying to and from major hubs in NYC.

  • Safety: With a community-driven approach to neighborhood watch and an active local police precinct, West Brighton prides itself on being a secure place for residents and visitors.

Elevate Your West Brighton Experience with Altitude Club

As you immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of West Brighton, don’t forget to explore its modern evolution in the world of cannabis. Altitude Club, a beacon in the NYC cannabis scene, is right here in West Brighton. From the finest cannabis flower strains to delightful THC gummies, our selection is meticulously curated for quality and safety. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newbie, our Brooklyn Dispensary offers a seamless experience, both in-store and with our efficient weed delivery in NYC. Discover Altitude Club today and elevate your West Brighton journey to new highs. Your premium cannabis experience awaits!

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