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About Altitude Club: Your Premier Brooklyn Dispensary

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, Altitude Club stands as a testament to cannabis excellence. For years, we’ve been more than just a dispensary; we’re a community of cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to providing the finest in cannabis experiences. From the bustling streets of the East Village to the serene landscapes of Upstate New York, we’ve been the trusted name when it comes to quality cannabis products.

Altitude Club Storefront:

  • Open for All: Our doors are open to everyone, from curious first-timers to seasoned cannabis aficionados.
  • Coast to Coast Excellence: We source the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coasts, ensuring a diverse range for our customers.
  • Safety First: We pride ourselves in partnering only with legit brands. Every product on our shelves is third-party tested for potency and safety. No more second-guessing; only premium quality awaits you at Altitude Club.
  • Client-Centric Deals: Our daily deals are tailored to ensure maximum value for our customers. And for our first-time patrons? Enjoy 10% off and a free item, on us.
  • Variety Galore: With over 100+ products to choose from, there’s always something new to discover.

Cannabis Delivery – Astoria and Beyond:

  • Swift and Efficient: Expect your order in less than 2 hours. Our weed delivery in Astoria and throughout Brooklyn ensures you get your favorites right to your doorstep.
  • Safety and Discretion: We prioritize your privacy. Expect discreet packaging and reliable delivery every single time. Your trust is paramount, and our services reflect that.
  • Signature Vapes: Elevate your vaping experience with our very own branded Altitude Club vapes. Quality meets sophistication in every puff.

Our Product Spectrum:

Dive into a world of cannabis like never before. Whether you’re seeking the soothing effects of cannabis flower, the swift kick of vapes, the flavorful journey of edibles, or the convenience of pre-rolls, we have you covered. Explore potent concentrates, refreshing cannabis drinks, and so much more. With Altitude Club, the possibilities are limitless.

Why Altitude Club?

  • Expertise: With a decade-long journey in the cannabis industry, our expertise speaks volumes. From the office of cannabis management to aligning with the marijuana regulation and taxation act, we are always a step ahead.
  • Community Engagement: Our presence goes beyond transactions. We engage actively with the cannabis community, voicing for causes like ‘legalize weed’, and actively participating in cannabis management and regulation initiatives.

Ready to Elevate Your Cannabis Experience?

At Altitude Club, every product, every service, and every interaction is designed with you in mind. If you’re in Queens, NY or anywhere around, and are asking, “Where’s the best weed store near me?”, look no further. Experience unparalleled quality, variety, and service.

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Weed Delivery NYC

Altitude Club: A Decade of Dedication to the Cannabis Community

The cannabis landscape in New York has seen a paradigm shift over the last decade. Amidst the evolving tapestry of st in Manhattan, upstate New York, and beyond, one name has consistently resonated with trust, quality, and community engagement – Altitude Club.

A Deep-Rooted Bond with the Cannabis Community

For over a decade, we’ve walked hand in hand with the cannabis community, fostering relationships and nurturing trust. Here’s a look into how our bond with the cannabis aficionados of Brooklyn, NY, and surrounding regions has only grown stronger:

  • Engagement Over Transactions: More than just a dispensary in NYC or a weed store, Altitude Club has been an active participant in the cannabis dialogue. We’ve engaged with our community in East Village gatherings, cannabis management seminars, and even the larger debate to legalize weed in New York.

  • Giving Back: As a testimony to our commitment, we’ve collaborated with entities like Housing Works Cannabis Co. and others to ensure that the benefits of this thriving industry are shared. From sponsoring events in hill NY to supporting the medical marijuana program for those in need, our ethos revolves around reciprocation.

Safety: Our Non-Negotiable Commitment

In an industry where the lines can sometimes blur, we’ve taken extra measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our patrons:

  • Third-Party Testing: Every product at Altitude Club, whether from our dispensary in Brooklyn, NY or sourced from other licensed dispensaries, undergoes stringent third-party testing. We collaborate only with brands that align with our strict standards on potency and safety.

  • Discreet Deliveries: Our cannabis delivery mechanism is meticulously planned. Whether it’s weed delivery in Astoria or elsewhere, we prioritize discretion and reliability. Each package is curated to ensure the utmost privacy for our clients.

  • Safe Environments: Our dispensary spaces are more than just THC stores. They are sanctuaries where patrons can explore products safely. We adhere to all regulations set by the Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Control Board, ensuring our spaces are compliant and welcoming.

  • Educated Decisions: Our team is continuously trained and updated on the latest in cannabis products, regulations, and safety protocols. When you walk into Altitude Club, you’re not just purchasing cannabis; you’re making an informed choice guided by experts.


At Altitude Club, our decade-long journey has been enriched with experiences, learnings, and above all, the unwavering trust of our community. As the landscape of recreational weed and medical cannabis evolves in New York, we remain steadfast in our commitment to safety, quality, and community engagement.

Choose Altitude Club. Choose a legacy of trust and excellence.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Pioneering Quality with the Best Cannabis Brands

In the ever-expanding cosmos of cannabis, where every dispensary in NYC is striving to carve a niche, Altitude Club stands out, not merely as a weed store but as a beacon of uncompromised quality. Our pledge to offer only the finest cannabis brands in the market has cemented our reputation as Brooklyn’s premium dispensary. Here’s a delve into our world of top-tier cannabis and our unwavering commitment to safety.

A Curated Selection of Superior Brands

At Altitude Club, we’re more than just another dispensary in New York. We are connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and advocates. Here’s how we ensure our patrons get nothing but the best:

  • East Meets West: Our shelves feature the most sought-after brands from both coasts. Whether it’s the energizing strains of sativa from the sun-kissed farms of California or the rich, indulgent hybrids from the east coast, we’ve got it all.

  • Exclusive Altitude Offerings: Not just a seller, we’re creators too. Our own branded Altitude Club vapes have garnered a cult following for their unmatched potency and unique flavor profiles.

  • Variety is our Forte: From cannabis flower, edibles, and pre-rolls to concentrates and cannabis drinks, our inventory is expansive, ensuring we cater to the diverse needs of our community.

Safety and Efficacy: The Altitude Assurance

Trust is built over time, and at Altitude Club, we’ve fortified this trust by prioritizing safety and efficacy:

  • Third-Party Testing: In collaboration with renowned labs, every product undergoes rigorous third-party testing. This ensures not just the potency but also checks for harmful substances, ensuring what you consume is pure and safe.

  • Transparency: Every product comes with detailed information on its THC and CBD content, source, and other essential details. We believe in the adage – knowledge is power. When you pick a product from our shelf, you know exactly what you’re getting.

  • Safety in Every Step: Beyond just the products, our store environment, and delivery mechanisms uphold the highest standards of safety. From discreet packaging to ensuring our cannabis products are stored in controlled environments, every step is calibrated for optimum safety.

In Conclusion

The cannabis journey is one of discovery, and at Altitude Club, we ensure this journey is filled with only the best experiences. Our commitment to quality, safety, and efficacy is unwavering, and as the cannabis landscape evolves, our promise remains the same – to serve our community with only the best.

Experience the Altitude Club difference. Dive into a world of premium cannabis, where every product echoes our commitment to excellence.

Weed Delivery Astoria, NY

Altitude Club: Elevate Your Cannabis Experience in Astoria

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Altitude Club is not just another dispensary in NYC. As the cannabis culture thrives, Astoria stands out with its burgeoning demand, and we’re here to cater to that with unparalleled quality and service. Here’s why Astoria residents should choose Altitude Club as their go-to for all things cannabis.

Deep-Rooted in the Cannabis Community

  • A Decade-Long Journey: Our engagement with the cannabis community isn’t recent. We’ve been in the game for over a decade, understanding the nuances, needs, and shifts in cannabis consumption.

  • Giving Back to Astoria: Altitude Club is more than a business. We’re a community-driven entity. A part of our profits goes back to Astoria, supporting local initiatives and community programs.

Unmatched Product Range

  • From Coast to Coast: Our product range boasts the finest from the East and West Coast. Whether it’s the iconic Blue Dream strain or the potent SFV OG, we have it all.

  • Altitude Club Specials: Experience our exclusive Altitude Club vapes. Crafted to perfection, these are a class apart and a favorite among many in Astoria.

  • Diverse Offerings: From cannabis flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, and concentrates to cannabis drinks, our inventory is meticulously curated to cater to the diverse needs of the Astoria community.

Exemplary Delivery Services

  • Prompt Delivery: Promising delivery in less than 2 hours, your cannabis needs in Astoria are now just a call away.

  • Discreet and Safe: Our delivery services ensure privacy with discreet packaging, and every product is safety-sealed, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition.

  • Wide Coverage: From the heart of Astoria to its outskirts, our delivery network covers every nook and cranny.

Safety is Paramount

  • Third-Party Testing: Every product we offer undergoes stringent third-party testing for potency and safety, ensuring you get only the best.

  • Regulations and Compliance: We operate under the guidelines set by the Office of Cannabis Management, ensuring every process, from sourcing to sales, is compliant with New York’s cannabis regulations.


Astoria, with its eclectic mix of traditions and modernity, deserves nothing but the best. At Altitude Club, we promise not just quality cannabis but an experience that resonates with the spirit of Astoria.

Choose Altitude Club. Elevate your cannabis journey in Astoria. Dive in today!

About Astoria, NY

Welcome to Astoria, New York!

Nestled in the vibrant borough of Queens, Astoria is a diverse and bustling neighborhood with a rich history and a dynamic present. Famous for its beautiful parks, mouth-watering cuisine, and an eclectic art scene, Astoria offers a unique slice of the Big Apple.

Points of Interest:

  1. Museum of the Moving Image: Celebrate the art, history, and technology of film, television, and digital media. An interactive institution that’s a treat for cinema enthusiasts. Visit their website.

  2. Astoria Park: Overlooking the East River, the park boasts the largest swimming pool in the city and offers picturesque views of the Manhattan skyline. A haven for joggers, picnickers, and everyone in between. More about Astoria Park.

  3. Welling Court Mural Project: Wander the streets and get lost in the art! This project turned ordinary buildings into a vibrant street gallery. Details here.

Places to Eat:

  1. Taverna Kyclades: Dive into authentic Greek cuisine at one of Astoria’s most popular eateries. Seafood is their specialty! Check their menu.

  2. BZ Grill: Craving a Gyro? BZ Grill serves the best in town. A casual eatery with flavors that pack a punch. Explore BZ Grill.

  3. The Bonnie: This rustic gastropub offers craft cocktails and a delicious brunch. The backyard garden is a must-visit. Visit The Bonnie.

City Information:

  • Location: Part of Queens, located north of Long Island City.
  • Transport: Well connected by the New York Subway – N and W lines.
  • Diversity: Known for its Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern communities, making it a melting pot of cultures.

Discover Altitude Club in Astoria, New York!

After exploring the lively streets of Astoria, wouldn’t it be perfect to unwind with some top-notch cannabis? At Altitude Club, we promise not just premium cannabis but an experience. From our wide range of products, including the exclusive Altitude Club vapes, to our prompt delivery service, we are Astoria’s trusted choice. All our products undergo third-party testing, ensuring only the best reaches you. Elevate your cannabis journey with us.

Dive into the world of Altitude Club. Order Now!

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