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About Altitude Club: Brooklyn’s Premier Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Service

Welcome to Altitude Club, Brooklyn’s unparalleled destination for cannabis aficionados. Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, we’re more than just a storefront – we’re a testament to the progressive cannabis culture that’s been blossoming in New York.

Who We Are:

  • All-Inclusive Community: Our doors are wide open to everyone, from curious newcomers to seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Our ethos is rooted in inclusivity and education, ensuring every visit is an enlightening experience.

  • Decades in the Game: Drawing from our rich history in the cannabis sector, we’ve solidified our place in the community as a trusted and reputable source for all cannabis needs. We pride ourselves on our deep-rooted connections, allowing us to bring you the finest cannabis products from both the East and West Coast.

  • Safety and Quality First: At Altitude Club, every product on our shelf is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Partnering only with legitimate brands, we guarantee that every product has undergone stringent third-party testing for potency and safety.

Why Altitude Club Stands Out:

  • Daily Deals and Special Offers: We understand the value of a great deal. Hence, our clients are always in for a treat with our daily specials. Plus, first-time patients enjoy a 10% discount and a complimentary item.

  • Vast Selection: Dive into our diverse catalog of 100+ products, ranging from vapes to edibles. And if you’re in the mood for something exclusive, check out our branded Altitude Club vapes.

Cannabis Delivery Like No Other:

  • Swift and Reliable: Need your products in a hurry? Our promise is delivery in less than 2 hours, ensuring you never have to wait long.

  • Expansive Delivery Zones: Whether you’re in Fresh Meadows, Queens Village, or upstate New York, our cannabis delivery extends to every nook and cranny of Brooklyn, NY.

  • Discreet and Safe: Your privacy is paramount. Our discreet packaging ensures your purchase remains confidential. Plus, with our commitment to safety, you’re always assured of receiving products that have been meticulously tested for consumer safety.

Explore Our Rich Catalog:

  • Cannabis Flower: From top-shelf flower to premium strains, our selection is second to none.

  • Vapes: Including our exclusive Altitude Club vapes.

  • Edibles: Dive into a delicious world of cannabis-infused delights.

  • Pre-Rolls: Perfectly rolled and ready to enjoy.

  • Concentrates: Pure, potent, and unparalleled.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Elevate your sipping experience.

  • And Much More! Dive in to discover our extensive range.

Our Amenities/Perks:

  • Engaging Workshops: Join us for regular workshops on cannabis management, understanding the medical marijuana program, and more.

  • Loyalty Programs: Frequent visits? Enjoy our loyalty program benefits with exclusive deals and offers.

  • Safe Shopping Environment: Safety is our top priority. From ensuring the quality of cannabis products to providing a safe shopping environment, every aspect of Altitude Club has been designed with you in mind.

Dive into Altitude Club’s Elevated Experience

Why settle for the ordinary when exceptional awaits? Choose Altitude Club for a cannabis experience that stands a cut above the rest. From our quality products to our unmatched delivery service in Beechhurst and beyond, we’re your ultimate destination for all things cannabis in New York. Take the leap, elevate your cannabis journey, and place your order with us today! Order Now

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Weed Delivery NYC

Altitude Club: A Decade of Dedication to the Cannabis Community

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, Altitude Club stands tall, rooted firmly in its dedication to the community it serves. With over a decade in the game, our journey has been one of passion, commitment, and continuous engagement. Let’s dive deeper into how Altitude Club has been, and continues to be, a beacon of trust and excellence in the New York cannabis landscape.

A History of Engagement:

  • Deep Roots in the Cannabis Culture: Our journey began a decade ago, long before the buzz of legal dispensaries and cannabis control boards became commonplace. Our commitment to the community has always been unwavering, with a focus on education, quality, and advocacy.

  • Community Events and Workshops: Whether it’s hosting engaging workshops in the East Village or participating in cannabis discussions in upstate New York, our presence is felt far and wide. From educating about the medical marijuana program to discussing cannabis management, we’re always at the forefront, leading conversations and guiding the community.

  • Partnerships with Local Initiatives: We’ve been working in collaboration with local entities like Housing Works Cannabis Co. and Smacked Village to further the cause of cannabis acceptance and awareness. Our partnerships are a testament to our deep-seated commitment to the community.

Giving Back to Our Community:

  • Supporting Local Efforts: From aiding initiatives that promote the legalization of weed in NYC to supporting housing works cannabis projects, our involvement is comprehensive.

  • Educational Scholarships: We believe in the power of education. Through our scholarship programs, we aim to empower the next generation of cannabis enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals.

  • Community Drives: Altitude Club regularly organizes drives, whether it’s collecting essentials or supporting local businesses in Brooklyn, NY, and Queens, NY.

Safety: Our Unwavering Priority:

  • Safe Dispensary Environment: Our Brooklyn dispensary is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. We ensure a safe shopping experience, where clients can explore products, from cannabis flower to vapes, with ease and confidence.

  • Reliable Cannabis Delivery: Every cannabis delivery is handled with utmost discretion. Our delivery drivers are trained, verified, and committed to ensuring a smooth, discreet, and timely delivery, whether you’re in Queens Village or Kew Garden.

  • Third-party Testing: Trust is built on transparency. We partner with legit brands that adhere to rigorous third-party testing protocols, ensuring every product’s potency, safety, and quality.

  • Safety in Packaging: Our products, whether it’s premium cannabis, edibles, or THC concentrate, come in child-resistant packaging, ensuring safety for our consumers and their families.

In essence, Altitude Club is more than just a dispensary; it’s a testament to a decade-long journey of trust, commitment, and community engagement. As we continue to serve and grow with our cannabis community, our promise remains the same: to offer quality, safety, and an unwavering dedication to those who have journeyed with us. Trust in Altitude Club, where community and cannabis converge.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with Premium Cannabis Brands

In a market flooded with choices, finding the right cannabis products can be overwhelming. At Altitude Club, we pride ourselves on curating a selection that stands out not just in variety, but in unmatched quality. Here’s a closer look at how Altitude Club continues to lead the way by offering the best cannabis brands in the market.

A Curated Selection of the Finest Brands

  • Coast to Coast Excellence: Our shelves are lined with the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coast. This coast-to-coast curation ensures our patrons get a taste of the best, irrespective of regional boundaries.

  • Diverse Product Range: From potent cannabis flowers and top-shelf vapes to delicious edibles and refreshing cannabis drinks, our offerings are vast yet handpicked. We ensure that every category, be it pre-rolls, concentrates, or infused prerolls, is represented by the best brands.

  • Exclusive Altitude Club Vapes: Recognizing the growing demand for quality vapes, we’ve introduced our own branded Altitude Club vapes. Crafted with precision and backed by our commitment to excellence, these vapes offer a premium experience, setting them apart in a crowded market.

Third-Party Testing: Our Commitment to Transparency and Safety

  • Rigorous Vetting Process: Before any brand makes its way to our shelves, it undergoes a meticulous vetting process. We partner only with those brands that share our commitment to quality and safety.

  • Emphasis on Third-Party Testing: At Altitude Club, trust is paramount. Every product we offer is backed by third-party testing, ensuring its potency, safety, and efficacy. From THC concentrates to CBD oils, our patrons can be confident in the authenticity and purity of their chosen products.

  • Transparency in Results: We believe in complete transparency. Every product’s third-party testing results are available to our customers. Whether it’s a breakdown of cannabinoid content, terpene profiles, or tests for pesticides and heavy metals, our customers have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Consistent Quality Assurance: Our relationship with brands doesn’t end once they’re on our shelves. We consistently monitor and review our brands’ practices, ensuring they remain compliant with our high standards and the evolving regulations of the Office of Cannabis Management.

In the dynamic world of cannabis, where new brands and products emerge every day, Altitude Club remains steadfast in its commitment to offering only the best. Our unwavering focus on quality, coupled with our emphasis on third-party testing, ensures that our patrons always have access to products that are not just effective but safe. When you choose Altitude Club, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re choosing a promise of excellence. Elevate your cannabis experience with us.

Weed Delivery Beechhurst, NY

Why Altitude Club is Beechhurst's Premier Choice for Cannabis Needs

Nestled in the vibrant heart of New York, Beechhurst is known for its discerning residents who demand only the best. When it comes to cannabis needs, Altitude Club emerges as the clear choice for many, and here’s why:

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

  • Decade-long Experience: We’ve been in the game for over a decade, ensuring we’re not just another “weed dispensary” but a trusted establishment with a rich history in cannabis management.

  • Engagement with the Cannabis Community: Our journey has always been alongside our community. We’ve actively engaged with the cannabis community, understanding its evolving demands and preferences.

Unparalleled Store Experience

  • Cannabis for All: Open to everyone, Altitude Club warmly welcomes both curious newcomers and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

  • From East to West: Sourced from the best cultivators from the East Village to upstate New York, and even the West Coast, our product range is a testament to our commitment to quality.

  • Third-party Tested: In a market flooded with products, we emphasize transparency. Every product at our store is third-party tested for potency, safety, and efficacy.

Stellar Cannabis Delivery Services

  • Swift Delivery: Our promise is a delivery in Beechhurst in less than 2 hours, ensuring you get your products when you desire.

  • Extensive Delivery Coverage: While our roots are deep in Brooklyn, NY, our delivery services span all of Beechhurst, bringing quality cannabis to your doorstep.

  • Safety First: Every delivery package is discreet, and the products inside are safe, tested, and reliable.

  • Exclusive Offerings: Beyond regular products, our delivery service offers Altitude Club branded vapes, a premium experience exclusive to our patrons.

Extensive Product Range

  • Diverse Categories: Whether you’re looking for cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles, or even cannabis drinks, our extensive range has it all.

  • New to Cannabis?: First-time patients get special attention with a 10% discount and a free item to welcome them to the Altitude Club experience.

In Conclusion: Altitude Club isn’t just another “dispensary in New York” or a “weed delivery service.” We are a commitment, a promise of quality, and a testament to excellence in the world of cannabis. Whether you’re in the heart of the city, near Queens NY, or the serene locales of Beechhurst, our service ensures top-shelf products reach you safely. Choose Altitude Club, where quality meets trust.

About Beechhurst, NY

Welcome to Beechhurst, New York

Beechhurst, a hidden gem tucked away in the northern corner of Queens, New York, exudes a charm that perfectly blends suburban tranquility with urban conveniences. With views of the Throgs Neck Bridge and the East River, the neighborhood offers both scenic beauty and a range of amenities for its residents and visitors.

Points of Interest

  • Powell’s Cove Park: A peaceful park providing pristine views of the bay and its birdlife. Perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a quiet spot. Visit Powell’s Cove Park

  • Throgs Neck Bridge: An architectural marvel connecting Queens to the Bronx, offering panoramic views of the cityscape. Learn more about Throgs Neck Bridge

Eateries to Explore

  • Il Nocello Ristorante: An upscale Italian restaurant known for its classic dishes and ambient setting. Check out their menu

  • Caffe on the Green: A historical eatery offering delicious meals accompanied by views of the golf course and Throgs Neck Bridge. Reserve a table

Places to Visit

  • Little Bay Park: Under the Throgs Neck Bridge, this park offers dog-friendly walking paths and mesmerizing sunsets. Visit Little Bay Park

  • Beechhurst Yacht Club: For those who enjoy marine adventures, the Yacht Club provides both community and sailing experiences. Join the club

City Information

Beechhurst, part of the Queens Community District 7, boasts a diverse community, top-rated schools, and easy accessibility to other parts of New York via public transportation. The neighborhood seamlessly combines the best of city life with the serenity of coastal living.

Experience Beechhurst with Altitude Club: Amidst the beauty and culture of Beechhurst, Altitude Club stands out as the premier choice for cannabis needs in New York. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, elevate your Beechhurst experience with our top-shelf cannabis products, all third-party tested for safety and potency. From discreet deliveries to knowledgeable staff at our Brooklyn dispensary, we ensure a seamless experience. Choose Altitude Club today and discover quality cannabis curated for the discerning New Yorker.

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