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Altitude Club: Your Premier Brooklyn Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Solution

About Us: The Pioneers in NYC Cannabis

Established in the heart of Brooklyn, Altitude Club has grown to become a beacon for both novice users and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. We’ve consistently delivered quality and trust for over a decade, making us a staple not just in Brooklyn but throughout New York City.

  • Open to All: Whether you’re a local from Forest Hills, a business owner on College Point Blvd, or just someone exploring the vast world of cannabis, our doors are always open.

  • Quality Matters: We’re not just another weed store near Queens, NY. We pride ourselves on offering the best cannabis products, sourced from both the East and West Coast.

  • Safety is Our Promise: All our products undergo stringent third-party testing for potency and safety. With us, you’re not just getting cannabis; you’re ensuring peace of mind.

Our Brooklyn Store: More Than Just a Dispensary

Located near the bustling area of College Point Blvd and a short ride from Kew Garden and Forest Hills, our store offers:

  • Daily Deals: Every day brings a new opportunity to save.

  • For Our First-Timers: To make your first experience memorable, we offer a 10% discount and a free item.

  • A Plethora of Choices: Dive into our collection of over 100+ products. Whether it’s cannabis flower, edibles, vapes, or our specialty Altitude Club vapes, there’s something for every palate.

Altitude Club Cannabis Delivery: Reliable, Discreet, Fast

We’re not confined to our store. Experience the best of Altitude Club from the comfort of your home.

  • Swift Deliveries: Less than 2-hour delivery, covering all of Brooklyn and even touching the realms of Queens, NY.

  • Safety First: We ensure discreet packaging and safe delivery methods, reinforcing our commitment to your privacy and well-being.

  • Altitude’s Own: Indulge in our signature Altitude Club vapes, bringing you unparalleled quality and taste.

Products We Offer

Stepping into the world of cannabis or exploring new frontiers? We’ve got you covered.

  • Cannabis Flower: Fresh, aromatic, and potent.

  • Vapes: Including our exclusive Altitude Club vapes.

  • Edibles: Dive into a world of flavor.

  • Pre-Rolls: Perfect for those on the go.

  • Concentrates: Pure and powerful.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Refresh with a twist.

  • …And So Much More!

Your Trusted Weed Delivery in College Point and Beyond

From the lanes of College Point to the avenues of Queens, NY, and beyond, Altitude Club remains a symbol of trust, quality, and community. Whether you’re skipping content to find the best marijuana dispensaries near you or seeking reliable weed delivery in Queens, our legacy speaks for itself.

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Weed Delivery NYC

Altitude Club: A Decade of Dedication to the College Point Cannabis Community

Engaging with Our Roots

For over ten years, Altitude Club has stood proudly on College Point Blvd, serving the cannabis community with fervor and passion. Whether you’re a local business owner in Queens, NY, or a visitor wandering through Kew Garden or Forest Hills, our establishment has always been synonymous with trust, quality, and community outreach.

A Decade in the Game: Our Legacy

  • Community Engagement: Our presence goes beyond being just another dispensary in New York City. We’ve been an integral part of cannabis-related workshops, seminars, and community events, fostering education and awareness.

  • Supporting Local Businesses: Partnering with local establishments and suppliers, we’ve consistently supported the York City economy, ensuring that our success feeds back into our community.

Giving Back: More Than Just Business

At Altitude Club, cannabis is not just a business; it’s a way to make a difference. Our endeavors include:

  • Educational Workshops: Organizing and sponsoring events that educate individuals about the benefits, uses, and safety measures associated with cannabis.

  • Supporting Local Initiatives: From contributing to community projects to supporting local festivals and fairs, we’re always eager to be a part of the neighborhood’s growth.

  • Charitable Donations: A portion of our earnings goes into charitable causes, ensuring that every purchase at Altitude Club aids in making a difference.

Safety: Our Unwavering Commitment

Ensuring safety at our dispensary and during cannabis delivery is paramount:

  • Third-Party Testing: Every product at Altitude Club undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring what you consume is potent, pure, and safe.

  • Discreet Deliveries: Our cannabis delivery system upholds your privacy with discreet packaging and careful delivery, ensuring products reach you without drawing unnecessary attention.

  • Well-Trained Staff: Be it at our Brooklyn dispensary or our delivery team, each member is trained in safety protocols, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for our patrons.


As Altitude Club marches forward, our commitment to the College Point community, safety, and exceptional cannabis remains unwavering. Rooted in tradition, yet embracing the future, we’re more than just your local weed delivery or dispensary; we’re a testament to a decade of dedication, quality, and community growth.

Choose Altitude Club – where community and cannabis converge.

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with Premier Cannabis Brands and Unwavering Safety Protocols

Exemplary Brands, Distinctive Choices

At Altitude Club, located strategically in Brooklyn and serving the wider New York City area including College Point Blvd and Forest Hills, our pledge has always been clear: deliver the finest cannabis experience to our patrons. How do we ensure this? By bringing together the crème de la crème of cannabis brands from both the East and West Coast under one roof.

A Curated Selection for Discerning Patrons

  • Coast to Coast Excellence: Whether you’re drawn to the legendary strains from the West Coast or the contemporary hybrids from the East, our shelves boast of a selection that’s unparalleled in its variety and quality.

  • Exclusive Altitude Offerings: Our in-house Altitude Club vapes have garnered a fan base of their own. Made with the purest extracts and designed for a seamless experience, they’re a testament to our commitment to excellence.

  • Edibles, Drinks, and Beyond: From cannabis-infused beverages to mouthwatering edibles, our product range caters to every kind of cannabis enthusiast. Whether you’re a traditionalist who prefers pre-rolls or someone looking to explore the world of concentrates, we’ve got you covered.

Safety and Efficacy: Our Dual Promise

Trust and transparency form the foundation of the Altitude Club. To that end, we’ve put into place rigorous measures:

  • Third-Party Testing: Every single product that graces our shelves undergoes comprehensive third-party testing. This ensures that what you consume is not only potent but also adheres to the highest safety standards.

  • Detailed Product Information: Our team believes in empowering our patrons with information. Every product at our store comes with detailed information about its source, potency, and efficacy. This ensures that you can make informed choices tailored to your preferences and needs.

  • Educated Staff: Our staff is trained rigorously, not just in customer service but also in product knowledge. They’re equipped to guide you, answer your queries, and ensure you choose products that align with your desired experience.


In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis in New York City, Altitude Club emerges as the beacon of trust, quality, and excellence. Our meticulous product curation, unwavering emphasis on safety, and commitment to serving only the best makes us the preferred choice for many.

Weed Delivery College Point, NY

Why Altitude Club is the Premier Choice for Cannabis in College Point, New York

College Point, with its vibrant community and bustling streets like College Point Blvd, deserves a cannabis experience that’s as dynamic and dependable. Altitude Club, stationed in Brooklyn and extending its reach across New York, stands out as the natural choice. Here’s why:

1. Rooted in the Community

  • A Decade of Engagement: Over the years, our bond with the cannabis community in areas like College Point and Forest Hills has only grown stronger. We’ve listened, learned, and evolved, ensuring we always resonate with what our patrons seek.

  • Giving Back: Altitude Club is not just about business. We’re about business owners, local artists, and the entire York City community. Our initiatives, whether they’re local events or collaborations, reflect our commitment to College Point’s growth and prosperity.

2. Expedited and Discreet Cannabis Delivery

  • Fast and Reliable: Forget the long waits; our “less than 2-hour delivery” promise ensures your products reach you in College Point promptly.

  • Safety First: All our delivery packages are discreet, maintaining your privacy. Additionally, our products are safe, third-party tested, ensuring what reaches you is nothing but the best.

  • Wide Coverage: Our cannabis delivery extends to every nook and corner of Brooklyn, ensuring College Point residents never feel left out.

3. A Spectrum of Choices

  • Broad Product Range: From spectrum CBD products to popular cannabis flowers and our exclusive Altitude Club vapes, our offerings are vast. Be it edibles, pre-rolls, or drinks, we’ve got it all.

  • Daily Deals and Promotions: We believe in rewarding our patrons. With daily deals and special offers, shopping with us is not just about quality but also about value.

4. Knowledge at Your Fingertips

  • Skip to Content: Our platforms and in-store experiences are designed for ease. Want to learn about a product? Just skip to content and dive into detailed descriptions, potency info, and more.

  • Educated Staff: Our team in Brooklyn and beyond is well-trained to answer any queries. Whether you’re a newbie or a cannabis connoisseur, we’re here to guide you.


For those in College Point, Queens NY, and beyond seeking a seamless, trustworthy, and expansive cannabis experience, Altitude Club is your destination. Our legacy, commitment to safety, community engagement, and vast product range set us apart.

Experience the zenith of cannabis quality and service. Choose Altitude Club, where College Point’s cannabis enthusiasts find their haven.

About College Point, NY

Discover College Point, New York

Welcome to College Point, an enthralling neighborhood nestled in Queens, NY. A gem in the heart of New York City, College Point seamlessly blends its rich history with modern-day attractions. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, College Point promises an experience like no other.

Points of Interest:

  1. Powell’s Cove Park: A serene waterfront park offering stunning views of the bay. Ideal for birdwatching and unwinding. Visit Website

  2. St. Fidelis Catholic Church: A testament to College Point’s architectural marvels and deep-rooted history. Visit Website

  3. Poppenhusen Institute: An iconic landmark, this institute was a gift to the community from Conrad Poppenhusen, the “Benefactor of College Point.” Visit Website

Dine and Delight:

  1. CPC Bistro & Bar: Indulge in the flavors of the world at this cozy eatery on College Point Blvd. Visit Website

  2. Tony’s Beechhurst Deli: For a quick bite or a hearty sandwich, Tony’s is the place to be. Visit Website

  3. Emperor’s Garden: Relish authentic Asian cuisine in the heart of College Point. Visit Website

City Information:

  • Location: Queens, New York City
  • Nearby Neighborhoods: Flushing, Whitestone, Forest Hills
  • Key Streets: College Point Blvd, 14th Ave, 20th Ave
  • Public Transport: Q25 bus line, nearest subway at Main St, Flushing.

Real Estate Insights: College Point is a blend of residential and commercial sectors, offering a range of housing options from classic townhouses to modern apartments. With its strategic location and community feel, it’s a sought-after destination for business owners and families alike.

A New Era of Cannabis in College Point

Embrace the blend of tradition and modernity that College Point offers with Altitude Club’s premium cannabis products. As the leading Brooklyn Dispensary, we’ve extended our roots, bringing the best of both East and West Coast cannabis to your doorstep in College Point.

  • Diverse Range: From vapes to cannabis flower, edibles, and our signature Altitude Club vapes, our spectrum CBD offerings cater to every palate.
  • Safety First: Every product on our shelf is third-party tested, ensuring potency, safety, and unmatched quality.
  • Quick Delivery: Experience the convenience of our swift “less than 2-hour” cannabis delivery in College Point and rediscover relaxation.
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