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Altitude Club: Elevating Your Cannabis Experience in Brooklyn & Beyond

About Us

Welcome to Altitude Club, your trusted Brooklyn dispensary dedicated to raising the bar in the cannabis world. Positioned conveniently in Brooklyn, NY, we serve as a nexus for cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life. Whether you’re new to cannabis or have been enjoying its benefits for years, we cater to everyone, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

🌿 What Sets Us Apart?

  • An Oasis for Enthusiasts: Our store is more than just a purchasing point. It’s an inviting haven for all – from the curious beginner to the seasoned aficionado.

  • East Meets West: Boasting the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coast, our selection is unparalleled in diversity and quality.

  • Unwavering Quality: At Altitude Club, quality isn’t just a promise – it’s a guarantee. We stock only legit brands that undergo rigorous third-party testing for potency and safety.

  • Daily Delights: Our clients are in for a treat with daily deals that offer something new every time they visit.

  • First-Timers’ Special: We value every customer, especially those trying us for the first time. New patients enjoy a 10% discount and a complimentary item on their first purchase.

  • Variety is the Spice: Choose from a vast array of 100+ products that cater to your every whim and preference.

Cannabis Delivery in Brooklyn & Flushing

Altitude Club isn’t just a storefront. We’re revolutionizing cannabis delivery in Queens NY and beyond, ensuring you enjoy premium cannabis without leaving the comfort of your home.

🚚 Our Delivery Commitment:

  • Swift and Timely: Expect your order at your doorstep in less than 2 hours.

  • Covering Brooklyn: We’ve got Brooklyn covered! Enjoy cannabis delivery across all its vibrant neighborhoods.

  • Safety is Our Priority: Our delivery mechanisms are not only reliable but also ensure the utmost safety and discretion.

  • Subtle and Secure: We understand the need for privacy. Our packaging is discreet, ensuring a private experience for our customers.

  • Exclusive Altitude Vapes: For those who enjoy vaping, our exclusive range of Altitude Club vapes promises a unique and premium experience.

Our Cannabis Spectrum

At Altitude Club, every cannabis product category is represented, ensuring our customers get exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Cannabis Flower: Fresh and aromatic, sourced from quality growers.

  • Vapes: Including our signature Altitude Club range.

  • Edibles: Delicious and potent for a unique experience.

  • Pre-Rolls: Perfectly rolled for your convenience.

  • Concentrates: Pure and powerful for those seeking intensity.

  • Cannabis Drinks: Quench your thirst with our infused beverages.

  • …and much more!

Weed Delivery in Flushing

Flushing residents can now rejoice as we extend our premium cannabis delivery services to this vibrant neighborhood. Whether you’re seeking quality cannabis flower, potent concentrates, or delicious edibles, Altitude Club ensures timely delivery in Flushing and beyond.

Concluding Call to Action

Step into a world where quality, variety, and customer satisfaction reign supreme. Altitude Club invites you to discover the pinnacle of cannabis experiences. Shop with us today and let us elevate your cannabis journey. Shop Now!

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Weed Delivery NYC

A Decade with Altitude Club: Elevating the Cannabis Community in Queens NY and Beyond

Altitude Club has proudly been serving the cannabis community in Brooklyn, Flushing, and across Queens NY for over a decade. Our journey, filled with passionate engagement, innovation, and unwavering commitment, has been focused on not only providing quality cannabis products but also ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.

Engagement with the Cannabis Community

  • A Ten-Year Legacy: Our presence in the cannabis game for over a decade is a testament to our dedication. Throughout this journey, we’ve seen the evolution of cannabis delivery and have consistently adapted to meet the growing needs of our community.

  • Community Sessions: Altitude Club has always been at the forefront of cannabis education and advocacy. Our regular sessions in Kew Garden and beyond educate enthusiasts about the benefits, safe usage, and innovations in cannabis products, from Rick Simpson oil to hybrid 35g variants.

  • Feedback Channels: We deeply value the voice of our community. Our online menu, as well as our outlets in Brooklyn and Queens NY, have feedback mechanisms to continuously improve our services, be it weed delivery or introducing new products like live resin and sauce bars.

Giving Back to the Community

Altitude Club’s commitment goes beyond business. We believe in uplifting our community and ensuring its holistic well-being.

  • Local Initiatives: We regularly engage in local initiatives, from supporting community events in places like Kew Garden to partnering with local organizations to drive awareness about responsible cannabis consumption.

  • Sustainable Practices: Our operations, from sourcing to cannabis delivery in Queens NY, prioritize environmental sustainability. We invest in eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that while we serve our community, we also protect our planet.

Safety Above All

The safety of our customers and community members remains our topmost priority. Here’s how we ensure it:

  • Storefront Safety: Our dispensary in Brooklyn adheres to the highest safety standards. With dedicated zones for product displays, consultations, and transactions, we ensure a seamless and secure experience for our patrons.

  • Reliable Cannabis Delivery: We take pride in our discreet delivery and packaging services. Each delivery in Queens NY or elsewhere is executed with meticulous attention to ensure product integrity and consumer privacy.

  • Tested Products: All our cannabis products, from THC concentrate to SFV OG, undergo rigorous third-party testing. This ensures that every product you receive from Altitude Club is of the highest quality and safe for consumption.

  • Educational Efforts: Altitude Club regularly holds seminars and workshops on safe cannabis consumption. We aim to equip our community with the knowledge to enjoy cannabis responsibly, be it through preroll delivery or other product forms.

In conclusion, Altitude Club’s decade-long journey in the cannabis domain has been marked by passionate engagement, community upliftment, and unwavering dedication to safety. As we continue to serve, we remain committed to our core values and promise to elevate your cannabis experience in every possible way.


Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with Premium Cannabis Brands

As cannabis enthusiasts, we recognize the significance of quality and safety in our products. It’s not merely about offering cannabis; it’s about providing an unparalleled experience. At Altitude Club, our commitment to excellence is evident in our handpicked collection of the best cannabis brands in the market and our steadfast dedication to ensuring every product’s safety and efficacy.

The Best Brands Under One Roof

At Altitude Club, we believe in offering only the best to our community in Queens NY and beyond. Here’s how we ensure you get nothing short of excellence:

  • East Meets West: Our selection includes the finest cannabis brands from both coasts. Whether you’re seeking the aromatic notes of a West Coast hybrid 35g or the potent effects of an East Coast Rick Simpson oil, our diverse range has got you covered.

  • Sourcing Excellence: We meticulously source our products, partnering only with brands that align with our ethos of quality and sustainability. From live resin to sauce bars, our catalogue showcases the best the cannabis world has to offer.

  • Continual Curation: The cannabis world is ever-evolving, with new brands and products emerging continually. At Altitude Club, we stay ahead of the curve, frequently updating our offerings to bring the latest and greatest to our patrons, whether it’s the trending SFV OG or the innovative spectrum CBD.

Safety and Efficacy: Our Non-Negotiables

Our promise goes beyond offering premium brands. We are dedicated to ensuring that every product you purchase from us is safe and delivers the desired effects:

  • Third-Party Testing: Every product on our shelves, from THC concentrate to edibles, undergoes rigorous third-party testing. These tests ascertain product purity, potency, and the absence of any harmful substances, ensuring you receive only the safest, most effective products.

  • Transparency: At Altitude Club, we believe in keeping our community informed. Detailed test results for every product, including THC levels, CBD content, and terpene profiles, are available for our customers. Whether you’re ordering for weed delivery in Queens NY or visiting our Brooklyn dispensary, you’ll always know precisely what you’re consuming.

  • Staff Training: Our team undergoes regular training sessions to stay updated on product efficacy and safe usage guidelines. This ensures that when you seek advice or recommendations, you’re receiving informed, reliable insights.

In conclusion, Altitude Club isn’t just another cannabis dispensary. We are a commitment, a promise of unparalleled quality, and unwavering safety standards. When you choose us, you’re choosing the best cannabis brands in the market and the peace of mind that every product has been vetted for safety and efficacy. Elevate your cannabis experience; choose Altitude Club.

Weed Delivery Flushing, NY

Altitude Club: Your Top Choice for Cannabis in Flushing, New York

Flushing, with its vibrant streets, diverse community, and historic landmarks, is the embodiment of New York’s eclectic spirit. And at Altitude Club, we aim to complement this ethos with our premium cannabis offerings. If you reside in Flushing or are just visiting, here’s why Altitude Club should be your go-to for all your cannabis needs:

A Commitment to Quality

  • Quality Cannabis Products: Every item in our inventory, from our Rick Simpson oil to our hybrid 35g, is curated for its quality and efficacy. We ensure our products meet the highest standards before making them available to our Flushing community.
  • Diverse Selection: Whether you’re looking for THC concentrate, spectrum CBD, live resin, or even preroll delivery, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selection ensures that both novices and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts find what they’re looking for.

Unparalleled Delivery Service

  • Swift and Efficient: Our cannabis delivery in Flushing is renowned for its efficiency. With a promise of delivery in less than two hours, your needs are met promptly.
  • Discreet and Safe: We understand the importance of privacy. Our delivery in Queens NY ensures discreet packaging and safe transportation, so you receive your products without any hassle.

A Decade in the Game

  • Long-standing Reputation: We aren’t new to the cannabis community. With over a decade serving Flushing and surrounding areas, our experience speaks for itself.
  • Community Engagement: We’re not just a business; we’re a part of the Flushing community. Our engagement with local events, workshops, and awareness campaigns make us more than just a dispensary.

Safety Above All

  • Third-party Testing: Every product, from our sauce bars to our SFV OG, undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring you get products that are safe and as described.
  • Educated Staff: Our team in Brooklyn and those handling weed delivery in Queens NY undergo regular training. They’re equipped to guide, educate, and advise, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Altitude Club Exclusives

  • Branded Vapes: Dive into the vaping world with our exclusive Altitude Club vapes, combining quality with style.
  • Daily Deals: We love rewarding our community. Enjoy daily deals and exclusive offers tailor-made for our Flushing patrons.

In Conclusion

In a bustling neighborhood like Flushing, you deserve a cannabis service that’s as dynamic and reliable as the city’s spirit. Altitude Club is more than just a dispensary; we’re a commitment to excellence, safety, and community engagement. For the finest cannabis products, delivery services, and more, make the elevated choice. Choose Altitude Club.

About Flushing, NY

Discover Flushing, New York

Nestled in the heart of Queens, Flushing stands as a testament to New York’s rich history, vibrant culture, and undeniable charm. Known for its lush parks, scrumptious eateries, and bustling streets, this neighborhood is where the old meets the new. Dive deep and explore the wonders Flushing has to offer.

Points of Interest:

  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park: This iconic park, once the site of the World’s Fair, now offers recreation, museums, and a zoo. Perfect for a day out with family or a quiet stroll. Visit their website

  • Queens Botanical Garden: A green oasis amidst the city buzz, it’s a must-visit for nature lovers. Learn more here

  • Queens Historical Society: Dive deep into the borough’s past and discover tales untold. Check it out

Places to Eat:

  • Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao: For authentic Chinese dumplings and more, this place is a local favorite. Menu and more

  • JoJu: Serving mouth-watering Vietnamese sandwiches, this joint is sure to tantalize your taste buds. See their offerings

  • Prince Street Cafe: A perfect blend of Korean and American cuisines in a cozy setting. Discover their flavors

Places to Visit:

  • New World Mall: Shop, eat, and enjoy in Flushing’s largest shopping center. Explore the mall

  • Kingsland Homestead: A step back in time, this 18th-century house is a peek into the past. Visit for a historical trip

  • Citi Field: Home to the New York Mets, it’s a haven for sports enthusiasts. Book your tickets

Your Perfect End to a Flushing Day: Altitude Club Cannabis Delivery & Dispensary

After a day of exploring Flushing’s treasures, what better way to unwind than with top-tier cannabis products delivered straight to your door? Altitude Club, a leader in the cannabis industry, ensures safe, discreet, and prompt weed delivery in Queens NY. Choose from our extensive range of quality cannabis products, all third-party tested for safety and efficacy. From the buzzing streets of Flushing to the quiet corners of Kew Garden, our promise remains the same: premium cannabis products, unmatched delivery services, and an experience that elevates you. Ready for the Altitude Club experience? Order now and ascend new heights!

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