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About Us

At Altitude Club, we’re not just another Brooklyn Dispensary; we’re a community. Situated in the bustling heart of Brooklyn, NY, we have been at the forefront of the cannabis revolution, serving our community for years. Our ethos? Delivering top-tier cannabis experiences for everyone – from the curious novice to the seasoned enthusiast.

  • Open To All: Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis lover or exploring the green world for the first time, Altitude Club opens its doors and hearts to you. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to guide you, ensuring you find the right product for your needs.

  • Coast to Coast Excellence: We pride ourselves in offering the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coast. Variety is the spice of life, and at Altitude Club, it’s a promise.

  • Third-Party Tested Brands: We believe in safety and authenticity. Our collection comprises only genuine brands, each third-party tested for potency and safety. You deserve nothing less than the best, and we’re here to offer just that.

  • Daily Deals and Special Offers: Every day is a special day at Altitude Club! With daily deals to make your cannabis shopping more affordable and exciting, there’s always something to look forward to. Plus, first-time patients receive 10% off and a free item.

Cannabis Delivery Like No Other:

  • Speed is Key: We understand that waiting can be tough. That’s why our cannabis delivery guarantees your order at your doorstep in less than 2 hours.

  • Brooklyn and Beyond: While our roots are in Brooklyn, our cannabis delivery service extends to many parts of New York. Wherever you are, Altitude Club is just a call away.

  • Safety First: All our products, including the exclusive Altitude Club vapes, are safe, tested, and catered to ensure consumer safety.

  • Stealth and Style: Expect discreet delivery and packaging, keeping your privacy intact.

A Wide Array of Cannabis Products:

Delve into our vast collection:

  • Cannabis flower
  • Vapes, including our Altitude Club branded vapes
  • Edibles for those with a sweet tooth
  • Pre-Rolls for convenience
  • Potent Concentrates
  • Refreshing Cannabis Drinks
  • …And so much more!

Discover Altitude Club in Jamaica!

With weed becoming a global conversation, it’s no surprise that places like Kingston, Jamaica, and Montego Bay are becoming popular cannabis destinations. While Altitude Club has its roots in NYC, we celebrate the global herb house culture and the spirit of marijuana dispensaries worldwide, like those in Ocho Rios or the famed Jamaica Joel’s.

Ready to Elevate Your Experience?

Whether you’re looking for a Weed Store Near Me or searching for the best Weed Delivery NYC, Altitude Club is your one-stop solution. Dive into our ocean of cannabis products and let us redefine your marijuana experience. With Altitude Club, you’re not just buying cannabis; you’re investing in moments of pure bliss.

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Weed Delivery NYC

A Decade with Altitude Club: Serving the Cannabis Community with Dedication and Integrity

The world of cannabis has seen a transformative journey over the last decade. With places as vibrant as Kingston, Jamaica, and as relaxed as Montego Bay embracing the herb house culture, it’s evident that the green revolution is global. Amidst this evolution, Altitude Club has been a constant, nurturing its ties with the cannabis community and ensuring that the bridge between us and marijuana enthusiasts stays strong.

Engaging with Our Cannabis Community for Over a Decade

  • Foundational Pillars: Our journey began a decade ago. As pioneers in the cannabis dispensary domain, we embraced the responsibility of not only offering quality cannabis but also becoming a hub for knowledge, culture, and community.

  • Jamaica Joels & Beyond: While our roots are firm in New York, we’ve always celebrated the global cannabis spirit. Our engagement events often feature insights into global trends, including the vibrant scene in places like Ocho Rios and the renowned Jamaica Joel’s.

Giving Back: More than Just a Marijuana Dispensary

  • Educative Initiatives: Understanding cannabis is essential for a safe and enriching experience. Our free workshops and seminars, touching upon various facets from medical marijuana benefits to the history of herb houses in places like Kingston, Jamaica, aim to spread knowledge.

  • Community Events: Whether it’s celebrating 4/20, organizing local clean-up drives, or supporting local artists and musicians, our community events aim to give back and strengthen our bond with the local community.

Safety: Our Foremost Priority

  • In-Store Safety Protocols: At Altitude Club, every visitor’s safety is paramount.

    • Strict adherence to cleanliness standards.
    • Regular staff training to ensure safe handling of cannabis products.
    • Well-maintained premises to ensure a safe environment for all visitors.
  • Cannabis Delivery Safety Measures:
    • Discreet Delivery: We respect your privacy. Our delivery is as discreet as it is prompt.
    • Tested Products: Every product is third-party tested, ensuring what you receive is authentic and safe.
    • Trusted Delivery Personnel: Our delivery team is trained, vetted, and dedicated to ensuring your order reaches you without any hitches.

With a decade in the game, Altitude Club is not just a cannabis dispensary or a delivery service. We’re a legacy. A legacy built on trust, commitment, and an undying passion for the cannabis community. Here’s to many more years of soaring high together!

Third Party Tested


Altitude Club: Elevating Standards with the Best Cannabis Brands

The world of cannabis is as diverse as the strains it offers, from the relaxed vibes of Montego Bay to the spirited buzz of Kingston, Jamaica. Amidst this vast green expanse, Altitude Club stands tall, offering a premium selection of the finest cannabis brands from across the globe. Our commitment is not just to deliver quality but to ensure that every product meets rigorous safety and efficacy standards.

Handpicked Selection: Best of East and West

At Altitude Club, we understand that cannabis enthusiasts seek variety and authenticity. This is why our offerings encompass:

  • Eastern Elegance: With brands that encapsulate the serene vibes of places like Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, our collection offers strains that are revered in the eastern cannabis circles.

  • Western Wonders: From the spirited highs of Kingston, Jamaica to the soul-soothing strains of Jamaica Joel’s, our western selection promises a rich and diverse experience.

Ensuring Safety & Efficacy: Our Commitment to You

Every product at Altitude Club undergoes a stringent quality check, but we don’t stop there.

  • Third-Party Testing: Partnering with reputable labs, all our cannabis products undergo third-party testing.

    • Safety First: Tests ensure there are no harmful chemicals or contaminants.
    • True Potency: Confirming the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid levels ensures you get what’s promised on the label.
  • Collaboration with Renowned Brands: We house brands known not just for their quality but also for their ethical production practices. This ensures that every herb house product, be it from Kingston or Montego Bay, meets global safety standards.

  • Transparent Sourcing: Our relationship with brands is built on trust and transparency. Detailed information about the sourcing, processing, and testing of the products is always available to our customers.

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, Altitude Club remains steadfast in its promise: to deliver the best while ensuring utmost safety and efficacy. So, whether you’re looking for a strain reminiscent of a Jamaican sunset or the vibrancy of a Kingston morning, with us, you’re not just getting cannabis – you’re getting a promise of excellence.

Weed Delivery Jamaica, NY

Why Altitude Club is Your Ultimate Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Service in Jamaica, New York

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, Altitude Club brings a refreshing elevation to Jamaica, New York’s cannabis scene. As you explore the bustling streets of Kingston, Jamaica, or relax to the rhythmic waves in Montego Bay, it’s essential to have a trustworthy cannabis partner by your side. Here’s why Altitude Club is the clear choice:

Deep-Rooted in the Cannabis Community

  • A Decade in the Game: With over 10 years of experience, our roots in the cannabis community run deep. From the herb houses of Ocho Rios to the festive vibes of Jamaica Joel’s, we’ve been a part of the journey.

  • Engaging and Giving Back: We don’t just operate; we engage. By hosting educational events, supporting local artists, and collaborating with Jamaican dispensaries, we foster a sense of community.

Unmatched Product Variety

  • A Blend of Cultures: Our selection isn’t limited to one region. Whether it’s the calmness of Montego Bay or the excitement of Kingston, Jamaica, our products cater to every vibe.

  • 100+ Products to Choose From: Edibles, vapes, cannabis drinks, and more. If you can name it, chances are, we stock it.

Safety and Quality: Our Twin Pillars

  • Third-Party Tested: Every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure potency and safety. No compromises, no shortcuts.

  • Altitude Club Originals: Our branded vapes are a testament to our commitment to quality. When you choose Altitude Club, you’re choosing the best.

Swift and Discreet Delivery

  • Jamaica, NY – We’ve Got You Covered: Our cannabis delivery is both quick (under 2 hours!) and reaches every nook and corner of Jamaica, New York.

  • Discretion Guaranteed: With our discreet packaging, your privacy remains uncompromised.

As you dive into the rich cultural tapestry of Jamaica, New York, remember that Altitude Club is here to elevate your experience. Choose us for a journey marked by safety, quality, and a commitment to the cannabis community.

Ready to experience the best? Dive into our diverse cannabis offerings and elevate your moments with Altitude Club!

About Jamaica, NY

Discover Jamaica, New York: A Neighborhood Guide

Located in the heart of Queens, Jamaica is more than just a transit hub; it’s a community brimming with history, culture, and culinary delights. Dive deep and explore what this dynamic neighborhood offers:

Points of Interest:

  • King Manor Museum: As the home of Rufus King, a signer of the U.S. Constitution, this museum offers a glimpse into the 19th-century way of life. Visit Website

  • Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (JCAL): A cultural hotspot, JCAL hosts artistic events, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the year. Visit Website

Where to Eat:

  • The Door: Experience the best of Caribbean cuisine in the heart of Jamaica, NY. Visit Website

  • O’Lavrador Restaurant: Dive into a sumptuous array of Portuguese dishes that will transport you straight to Lisbon. Visit Website

Must-Visit Spots:

  • Roy Wilkins Park: An expansive green space perfect for family outings, picnics, or simply soaking in some nature.

  • Jamaica Colosseum Mall: From fashion to electronics, this mall is a shopper’s paradise in Jamaica. Visit Website

City Information:

Jamaica serves as a major transport hub, with the JFK AirTrain, LIRR station, and multiple subway lines connecting it to broader NYC. With a mix of residential, commercial, and civic spaces, it truly represents the diverse tapestry of Queens.

Elevate Your Jamaica Experience with Altitude Club

As you immerse yourself in the vibrant life of Jamaica, New York, remember to elevate your moments with Altitude Club’s premium cannabis offerings. Our Brooklyn-based dispensary ensures that whether you’re returning from a day at King Manor Museum or just unwinding at Roy Wilkins Park, our curated selection of cannabis is just a call away.

Why Choose Altitude Club?

  • Swift Delivery: Less than 2 hours, right to your doorstep in Jamaica, NY.
  • Safety & Quality: Every product is third-party tested, ensuring a safe and potent experience.
  • Diverse Selection: From vapes to edibles, we have everything to match your vibe.

Elevate your moments, Jamaica. Dive into the world of premium cannabis with Altitude Club. Order Now

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